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‘Nashpati’ refuses to surrender to Liberal-Fascists – Made another Film Exposing PTM

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Today’s world is moving at a different rapid pace, and so is Pakistan. With upheaval and innovation in every domain of life, the digital arena of Pakistan is also shaping up and trying to keep up with the changing trends shifting towards the digital world. Like every other sector, the entertainment industry of Pakistan is also revamping.

Nashpati – Planting Funny Pears for Their Heirs

One of the most popular and emerging names, providing top-notch entertainment to its viewers is Nashpati Prime – a one-stop-shop on YouTube for all your entertainment needs. Founded by three young lads, this entertainment channel serves you with the widest range of content that tickles your funny bones and provokes your thoughts.

Nashpati Prime is well-known for making wide-ranging videos on every topic and every aspect of life. The Nashpatians are apt to pull out serious issues and sometimes harsh realities of Pakistan, and bravely present them using a funny yet light tone. But, according to the usool of Pakistan; try to show the truth and get killed with the lie. In this context, Nashpati also faced a massive backlash for giving voice to its thoughts.

Last month, the violent organization of separatists and militants, PTM along with their guardians’ aka Liberal-Leftist community of Pakistan, censured Nashpati Prime for featuring a Pathan guy, giving a steer clear message that not all the Pathans are ‘Pashteen’. That video received a massive hue and cry from the fascist community

Recently, another Nashpati video is making rounds on the internet through which brave Nashpatians assert that they are not going to surrender to any dominance and will keep on exposing them on every platform.

Nashpati Made another Flick Exposing PTM

Recently, the Nashpati Prime rocked the social media with another hilarious flick and hinted that something ‘Massive’ is in the making.  

In a 1.11 min teaser named Wardi Ya Dehshatgardi?|Ashleel Tiwari, Nashpati proved its brilliance and keen observance in a humorous yet savage way.

The video starts with a liberal, Indian culture-inspired woman, donning Bindi on her forehead. No, I’m not saying she was Marvi Sirmed, it’s you who is thinking like that, Naughty.

So the lady proudly presents her carefully created ‘puppet’ wearing Red ‘Pashtun (or should I say, Pashteen) Cap, along with Kurta and waistcoat. Oh wait, I’ve seen this type of man somewhere, have you?

Talking to an Indian government agent, Tiwari Ji, the middle-aged lady was exhibiting the ‘features’ and performance of her bot by asking him some questions.

Lady asked: Aurton ke Huqooq..? (Women rights)

 Bot replies: Yeh jo dehshatgardi hai isske peeche wardi hai (uniform (army) is behind this terrorism)

Lady: Balochon ke masaail (the issues of Balochs)

Bot: (shouting in the same tone) Yeh jo dehshatgardi hai isske peeche wardi hai (uniform (army) is behind this terrorism)

Hence many more questions were asked to the bot, but it seems like the Liberal lady has operated him so well that he was chanting the same slogan, again and again.

The Indian agent enjoyed and amused to watch him, asked the lady to let him ‘play’ with him. The agent asked some questions regarding the Mumbai attacks and Article 370, and to his surprise, the Pashteen genre bot replied to every question in an anti-army slogan. Is it only me or it’s actually looking familiar?

So proud to see that our Indian-Funded, Liberal-Fascist lobby is so talented, that they are manufacturing such brilliant anti-army robots *weep*

So the Pashteen Robo was doing very well when the agent starts asking some random questions and baffled to find out that the Robo is still chanting the same slogan. (Oh, malfunction?)

The confused agent asked him regarding Modi having no Kids, and WOW. Bot held Army responsible for this as well (Aw, really ? I thought some physical issues were behind this but, oh well)

The agent slammed his head and told the lady that she created a piece of crap. It will not only create trouble for himself but will also prove out to be a massive disaster for India as well.

Final Remarks:

So this is the entire video was all about and man, it was savage. What they said and showed was a loud and clear truth. These separatist and militants, which are being fed by the Indian government and Liberal-Fascist lobby, speak in their tone while following their footsteps. Even if this lobby would ask them to deny their own parents, they won’t give it a second thought. They pay them to bark against the Armed forces and they blindly follow them, while getting high on the smell of dollars and INR.

This brave stance and brilliant piece by Nashpati is highly appreciated and valued. The message they have given through their video is a challenge to all the anti-state activists that this is Pakistan, not India, and here they cannot suppress the voice of truth. More power to you, Channel Nashpati and I’m hell anticipated for the entire video, are you?

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