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Nation Marks One-Year Anniversary Of Tragic Incident

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The nation is remembering all the 98 martyrs of flight PK8303, who lost their n a horrendous plane crash near Jinnah International Airport, Karachi on May 22, 2020.

A year back, on the same day, 98 passengers and flight crew members, including supermodel Zara Abid had died in a PIA plane crash.

The PIA plane had crashed into a residential area near Model Colony in Karachi’s Malir neighbourhood after losing its engines. The PK-8303 tragedy has become the third most horrifying incident in aviation disaster in the country’s history.

An investigation into the plane crash, however, still remains unresolved.

According to a preliminary investigation report prepared by the Aircraft Accident Investigation Board, the pilots were not focused and their lack of concentration caused the crash.

During the ill-fated flight, the pilots made a first landing attempt and the plane briefly touched the ground multiple times, before attempting to land for a second time.

What Happened To PK-8303?

The plane took off at 1.10 PM from Lahore’s Allama Iqbal International Airport and the aircraft briefly touched Karachi’s Jinnah International Airport at 2.37 PM, but the captain took off again. The aircraft finally crash-landed over a residential area in Jinnah Garden, a kilometre away from the runway.

Shortly after, the aircraft touched down on the runway without the landing gear deployed. It experienced friction during the belly landing and flames began to appear due to the engine rubbing on the runway. Due to the high speed, the captain decided to ground the aircraft after a takeoff.

Cameras installed at the airport showed that the landing gear of the aircraft was still upon landing. After taking off again for a second approach to the runway, the aircraft remained in contact with the ground control tower for one minute and 16 seconds.

The pilot informed air traffic controllers about the jamming of the landing gear and engine failure. He sent two Mayday calls before the aircraft vanished from the map.

Pilots ignored instructions from ATC: Arshad Malik

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Air Marshal (retd) Arshad Malik says there was a technically safe that crashed into the population in Karachi. ۔

Arshad Malik had said, “I was also encouraged to see the courage of the family of the martyred pilot. May Allah elevate the ranks of the martyrs in the plane crash and grant patience to their families.”

“The plane is cleared by an engineer before take-off, the plane was technically safe, the plane was allowed to land, after which the pilot goes round, about which there is no doubt,” he said. We have a Fur-lite data recorder and a block box in which everything comes to the fore, said the CEO of PIA.

The CEO had stated, “After the plane’s go-round, the pilot called to establish a second approach. When they set up for the second approach, something happened with the plane that was discussed in voice recordings and data recordings.”

Arshad Malik had said that all the facts will come to light in the investigation whether the plane had any technical problem, collision or any other problem, while the inquiry into the accident will be completed by the Ministry of Aviation in accordance with the international principles.

The PIA CEO said that the plane crashed into an alley of the residential area, which damaged nearby houses, but no building collapsed, However, the rescue operation is underway and will take two to three days to complete.

Assurance of cooperation of Sindh government

Sindh Information Minister Syed Nasir Hussain Shah and provincial government spokesman Barrister Murtaza Wahab offered condolences to the martyrs of the plane crash and the families of those who died of coronavirus on Eid day.

He visited the homes of the affected families and spent some time with them.

Nasir Hussain Shah said that the Sindh government shares grief equally.

He met the burn victims at Dr. Ruth Pfau Civil Hospital in Karachi and provided them with the assistance of Rs. 100,000 from the Sindh government.

He also met the injured and assured them of full cooperation from the Sindh government.

On the occasion, Nasir Hussain Shah said that the Sindh government was bearing all the expenses for the treatment of the injured.

He said that the bodies of all the martyrs would be handed over to their families after the DNA test.


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