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Netizens wipe tears off kid by delivering her lost toy from Iceland to UK

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10-year-old Hattie from the UK will never be convinced the internet is a toxic space prompting measures and bans as many of the people advocate for since it has been the reason she recovered her joy. Her joy that internet helped restore, knew no bounds after she saw Cowie, her pet toy, by her bedside after she lost it three months ago in Iceland.

Seeing his daughter mourning the loss of the soft toy, her father Richard Sains took to a Facebook group Travel Iceland and posted their plight. It miraculously paved way for Cowie’s journey back home in Essex, UK.

The response on Sains’s Facebook post received overwhelming support. The netizens kept surging among the circle to a point it reached the right people.

People across the world joined hands in bringing the wide grin back on Hattie’s face and that just within the three days the post went viral.

Eventually the Sains’s Facebook post helped Cowie return safely to the Hattie’s hands.

“Cowie had a proper trip home and made lots of friends. There are some great pics – including Cowie chilling with the crew on the plane home!” read Sains’ Facebook post.

“We often focus on the negative aspects of social media – but it does let you reach out to fantastic people all across the world in seconds who are happy to help you out,” his FB post read further.

Sharing glimpses of the teddy’s adventurous day on its way back home, Instagram user, Odinniceland said, “Cowie is having an adventurous day and got to model in front of a waterfall.

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Cowie will go on an airplane tomorrow to London with another gentleman who is going, and tomorrow Cowie will be back home to his owner.”

Hattie’s mother Chrissie Sains also shared Cowie’s chilling pictures on her Instagram account. Netizens were delighted to read the story and many found the story fantastic and amazing.

“This restores some of my faith in humanity. Absolutely adorable and i love that so many people had fun with Cowie before it was returned home,” said a Facebook user.

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