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News Anchor Bashed For Wearing ‘Revealing’ Clothes – Fumed Feminazis

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I often heard people saying that this is the 21st century, the whole world is evolving with the time but Pakistanis have been stuck in the mid with their ‘daqyanoosi’ approach, etc. Yes, the time is evolving, I agree. But there are things which can never be changed either you are standing in the 21st century or even in the 30th century.

Nature made laws would be the same. The difference between humans and animals would be the same, (though many humans are determined to remove this difference, but anyway). No matter how much time passed but the laws given us by Islam and Rasool Allah (S.A.W) would remain the same, and being a Muslim nation we have to abide them.

Unfortunately, in today’s Pakistan, the Latte- Liberals and Feminists inbred lobby is determined and trying their butts off to convert humans into animals. They want them to live free without laws, roam naked on streets, and live. Interestingly, many people don’t even feel wrong about this approach and want to experience ‘Animalism’, calling it Modern Culture. The irony is not even they follow but they preach it as well – and when someone tries to point out their mistake – something like this happens.

Pakistani Female Anchor Called Out For Wearing ‘Immodest and Revealing’ Clothes On Air Which Irked Feminists and Libtards.

Recently a tweet has become viral in which a social media user posted an image of a female news anchor. The female anchor was wearing a kurta which was gossamer thin, making it super easy for everyone to see her undergarments and body. It was definitely not a fine sight for the eyes.

The user who posted it demanded the authorities look into this matter and confined the anchors to wear modest and decent clothes at the workplace. The user also said that programs conducted in such clothes would increase the (frustration) and cases of sexual harassment for women.

Well, I agree that the clothes she was wearing was condemnable and wasn’t appropriate for the serious profession she is in.

Soon the post flooded with the comments and guess who was irked the most? Yes, you are right – Feminazis. The Mera Jism Meri Marzi lobby came on the front to defend the clothes of the anchor and called it ‘normal’ and usual. They bashed the user for having a ‘cheap’ mentality (who was just trying to point out a major mistake which considers immoral everywhere in the world).

Dress Etiquettes for Ladies around the World

According to an article published in Docurex, regarding dress etiquettes for the women in the workplace, the followings are the things a working woman MUST NOT DO:

  • Wear heavy fragrance
  • Wear high heels
  • Wear Excessively short hemlines
  • Wear Deep Neck Tops
  • Expose Undergarments

These etiquettes mentioned in the article are specific for women in the US and apply internationally. It is believed that both men and women MUST dress ethically in work places and should not wear revealing or ‘distracting’ clothes.

A female news anchor in Saudi Arab has faced charges for wearing body-hugging clothes.

In Canada, a female anchor was shamed by a viewer for wearing a cleavage-showing top. Canada, a 1st world, advanced country which doesn’t have, as you say Daqyanoosi approach neither is Islamic.

On the other hand, we have Maavia Malik, the first transgender news anchor of Pakistan, who always wear modest clothes on-air. The respect for women’s dignity and honor is far more in a transgender’s eyes than these filthy mucky feminists.

Yes, I agree that the rapist doesn’t look for clothes. Many rape cases had victims who were wearing modest attire. But that doesn’t mean wearing vulgar because you will get harassed in every mean. It is more like leaving a piece of meat bare in the sun because dogs attacked the covered meat last time.

That’s insane. Being a Muslim nation you are supposed to follow what ALLAH asked you to do so. Modest clothes may doesn’t have to do anything with rapists but it has something to do with Orders by Almighty, at least respect that. And if you can’t kindly do not impose your self-loathing approach on others to normalize it.

Maya SH

Maya SH

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