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Noman Ijaz Shamelessly Confessed Cheating On His Wife – Enraged Netizens

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The name of Noman Ijaz in the Pakistani Media Industry doesn’t need any introduction. He is one of the most respected and senior actors in P-town. Lawyer by qualification, Noman Ijaz has a huge fan following in all over Pakistan. His image is of an aficionado for the young aspiring actors who admires his exemplary acting skills and wants to be like him. But as they say “all that glitters is not gold” – who can imagine that behind this dignified sober actor, there’s a mind of a sleazy and sordid man. Recently his video went viral which immediately caused an outrage on social media, and made his fans question their decision to admire him.


In an interview with a model and actress, Iffat Omar, Noman Ijaz confessed of cheating his wife multiple times without getting caught

 The former Pakistani actress and model, Iffat Omar calls Noman Ijaz as her 1st guest on her online YouTube show “Says It All With iffat Omar”. While talking about the romantic nature of artists, Iffat Omar asked what his secret of a successful married life is. To which the veteran actor responded that we are keeping it by fulfilling the limitations. 

 “If I talk about my wife, Rabia – I’m very lucky because she is adorable,” he said. The host asks if he ever gets into affairs, or flattered. To which, Ijaz, without feeling the urge to mincing his words, admitted that he often gets into crushes and affairs. 

 “I fall in love all the time – I’m a very loving person. If I see a beautiful woman inside and out, moreover she is a difficult woman, so I let myself fall in love with her”. Said Ijaz – He added that he always gets in love with pretty girls and date him whenever he gets a chance.

If Audacity had a face! This man, who keeps chanting about Islam and religious affairs, shamelessly admitting and ‘normalizing’ the extramarital affairs thing.

Iffat asked how her wife reacted to his affairs, to which he admitted brazenly that she has no idea of his affairs.

  “I am such a ‘great actor’ and a very ‘intelligent’ man. My wife never finds out about my extramarital affairs” said Noman – *slow claps* 

 Wow, commendable, isn’t it? Isn’t it a great achievement of cheating your wife without even letting her know?

If this was not enough he also brags about how he flirts with other women without letting their husbands know – “And the best part about all the girls I have affairs with is that even their husbands don’t know about it – We reciprocate our love and feelings for each other” Noman boast laughingly. 

 Noman Ijaz Offensive Stance On #Metoo Movement: 

 While we were just trying to digest it – the legendary actor came forward with his comments on the #Metoo movement and spurn it right away. Rather he called it a weapon which females are using against men. 

 “People can go around and say anything. These things are being used as a weapon in society. All this #Metoo movement is because of the remoteness from the religion” said Ijaz. I wonder how a responsible father of three sons can keep such a sordid mentality.

When this news hit the Social media, the reaction of the users wasn’t more different than ours. 

 I still remember a show of Noman Ijaz named Rangreza – in which he played the role of a poet who was in extramarital affairs with a female dancer – Sonia Jahan –and end up having a miserable life after her. Back then, I didn’t know that the veteran actor’s real-life shares so many similarities with the show. But you know what is more upsetting, it is the fact that his sons and many more young actors must be looking at him as an inspiration and he chose ‘this’ to deliver to his young generation – such a shame.

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