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Pak-Celebs Protests against Motorway Rape Incident

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Some incidents are strong enough to shake the entire nation and the unfortunate Lahore Motorway Case have proved it – the voices, which were low or faint before are bellowing throughout the country. Where people from every domain of life are protesting and raising their voice against this obscenity, the Showbiz Industry of Pakistan is also expressing its anger and rage and showing the public that they are standing with them unwaveringly.

Pakistani Celebrities Protest against Motorway Incident at Karachi Press Club:

Around hundreds of artists gathered outside the Karachi Press Club to record their protest against the barbarism, which is taking place everywhere In Pakistan in form of rape. The ‘golden crowd’ was protesting and demanding the strict possible punishments for the rapists and assailants.

Many celebrities have seen holding placards and delivering a strong message from their end. On this occasion, Mahira Khan said that the women does not lose its dignity, the dignity of the abuser is lost. We need to teach everything to the children in daily life – she also said that those who are asking woman why she came out alone should know that not every can afford the protocol like they do.

Ayesha Omar expressed her thoughts. She said that no one is safe here. If we have to live in fear here then who are the protectors? Why do us even paying taxes if public execution is not the solution. We are demanding the fastest trial.

Amongst female celebrities, there were lots of male celebrities as well who were extremely agitated on this issue. Veteran actor Adnan Siddique said that being a man I’m ashamed that we are not being able to protect our sisters and daughters.

Yasir Hussain also expressed his anger saying maintaining law and order is responsibility of the government – our responsibility is to educate. Till now we were telling women how to sit, how to walk but now it’s time to educate men how to treat them.

Lahore motorway incident where jolted the entire country, it also made everyone came forward and joined hands – Made everyone to understand their responsibility as a citizen. Unfortunately It took us a while to understand that the incidents of Zainab and Marwah was actually a warning to us, to make us aware that coming times are going to be more hard and to survive we would have to fight back.

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