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‘Pakistan Release Abhinandan Amid Fear of India – PML-N Leader Insults Pak

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Whether anything else happened from the PDM meeting or not, but one thing is for sure, the betrayal and treachery of PML-N came to light. Until now, the entire nation thought that PML-N is wrong for being a party of looters and corrupt people, but No! This entire lobby is not only corrupt but also a lickspittle and puppet of the Indian Government. They have proved that they can go up to any extent to save their skins from accountability even if it means to sell the honor and dignity of the motherland to the enemies. 

‘Pakistan Released ‘Abhinandan’ Amidst Fear Of India’ Ayaz Sadiq Insults Pakistan

Yesterday, what happened on the floor of the National Assembly was not only humiliating for the Government of Pakistan but the entire nation as well. A traitor kept hurling abuses on Pakistan at this major forum and not a single person from the lobby dared to hold his tongue. 

Ayaz Sadiq, who is a leader of Muslim League N and also a former speaker of the National Assembly, has made the entire nation’s blood boil by his ugly and baseless statement at NA. 

Taking a dig at Government, Sardar Ayaz Sadiq claimed that Abhinandan was released amidst the fear of Indian Attack. In his assembly minutes, Sadiq said that the Chief of Army staff and Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi were present in the meeting, held after capturing Abhinandan. “Their legs were trembling and shaking, Shah Mehmood Qureshi asked us to release Abhinandan as India is going to attack Pakistan at 9 pm,” said the Dalaal Saadiq. He also said that India was not going to do anything, they just knelt in front of this fear and release the commander. 

The rest of the shameless opposition was shouting shame, shame. Little did these scumbags know that these statements from a state person mean a lot on the international forum! It was shameful and humiliating. There isn’t the slightest doubt about these statements being baseless and unreliable, but the damage has caused Pakistan’s dignity from this is unrepairable.

Our enemy is celebrating a big time in happiness that Pak released their chick fillet size commander in fear, and that Pak was afraid of Indian reaction. Take a look at social media and see how his ugly statement is making them celebrate their iconic defeat against Pak on February 27.And PDM supporters? Would you Back this stance as well? . ? if any person has left an ounce of dignity and shame within, won’t support this traitor League anymore. These are thier real faces.

The nation comes out to Protest against Ayaz Sadiq’s Derogatory Remarks 

It was no more about the Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi or COAS Pakistan, it was now the matter of dignity of the entire Pakistani nation. The netizen thrashed him badly over this treachery.

Calling him by Dog isn’t a solution though, it’s an insult to faithful and loyal dogs and besides, we shouldn’t stoop down to his level. We are greater than these things so no personal attacks. But yes the answer should be served. 

Send Another Abhinandan, India I Dare You

Anyway, India has got the time to enjoy it again but unfortunately, they are happy to hear from a man who has no status in the government or even in the society. Moreover, it was so factually incorrect that even a kid can find out. Everything he said was on one purpose and that to spoil the image of Pak in front of the world and to make his masters happy.

The fact is that Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman was rescued by Pak-Army when he was about to get killed by angry villagers. That was not due to any fear but for humanity. Then instead of torturing and humiliating him, our army got him treated in the hospital and make sure he does well when the Indian government was confused that either any plane got missing or not. There was never a single ounce of fear but humanity and respect to humans which these Indians can never learn. Moreover, have you never heard about Geneva Convention’s Law regarding Prisoners of War?

And if, dear neighbors you think Pak got scared then why you don’t try us with another Abhinandan? And why you never tried any cheap thrills in Pakistan since then? Your commander was brave right who got caught, then why didn’t you send another, don’t you have more brave soldiers? Trust me, send someone and try us this time.

Last time, your soldier was released as a goodwill gesture, but this time, you and your paid dalaals will get to know who is scared and who is not. Do you dare?  


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