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Pakistan stand with Kashmiris in their struggle, PM Imran Khan

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Prime Minister Imran Khan on Saturday reiterated assurance that he will continue to raise his voice in constant support of Kashmiris until they are given the right to sovereignty as promised by the United Nations Security Council (UNSC).

While addressing a public rally held in Bagh city in association with forthcoming elections in Azad Jammu and Kashmir, the PM said that he will become the brand ambassador of Kashmiris on all international forums.

“Pakistan stands with the Kashmiris in their just struggle & will not compromise till they get their right to self-determination guaranteed by UNSC resolutions,” he guaranteed members of the PTI rally.

PM Khan further said that his government would provide health insurance cards to Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) occupants by the end of the ongoing year.

“Every resident of the AJK will get health insurance scheme by December 2021,” he said, adding that the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) will also grant interest-free loans to needy people.

The PM added that “Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme was introduced for the first time in Pakistan’s history. PTI govt will provide interest-free loans to needy families so that they can start their own business.”

The premier also censured opposition parties Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) and Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) during his address.

He cleared once again that his government would not give National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) to unethical opposition leaders.

“The person which had been disqualified by the top court fled to United Kingdom (UK) by showing fake medical certificate,” stated the PM without naming any leader.

Imran Khan demanded that PTI will win the forthcoming elections in AJK which is scheduled on July 25 and PTI will form the next government in the Azad Jammu and Kashmir.

Elections for the Legislative Assembly are scheduled for July 25 and all majority political parties are running their political campaign in AJK.

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