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Pakistani Athlete Break World Record for Crushing ‘Walnuts’ With Head

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Those who used to say that Pakistan is a struggling country regarding its talent and abilities, are now dumbstruck looking at the flair and capacity of Pakistanis. Whether you speak about education, sports, or martial arts, Pakistani individuals have proved themselves to be the best in the world

Pakistani Martial Art Expert Break World Record for Crushing 254 Walnuts with Head

Muhammad Rashid, a Martial Art Expert from Karachi, Pakistan made the whole country proud in a recent event. In an Italian TV Show named, La Noti Dai Records, Rashid break 254 hard walnuts with his forehead under one minute and placed his name in the Guinness Book of World Record-breaking the record of his Indian counterpart Naveen Kumar  

Earlier in 2017, Kumar held the Guinness World Record of breaking the most walnuts with head in one minute.

This is not the first victory of the Martial Artist. You will be surprised to know that Rashid already has 45 records in his account. The records he made till now includes:

  • Most Walnuts Crushed By Hand in one Minute (284)
  • Most Watermelon Crushed By Head In 30 Seconds (49)
  • Most Drink Cans Crushed By Elbow In One Minute (77)
  • Most Spin Of A ‘Fire Staff’ In One Minute (188) – He is best at spinning as well as crushing

Apart from crushing using hands, elbow, and head, Rashid also pinnacled several records using Nunchakus and Bo Staff as well.

Muhammad Rashid’s record-breaking journey began in 2013 when the young man broke the record for the Most Bottles Caps Removed with the Head in One Minute (40) at the Punjab Youth Sports Festival in Lahore. The very next year, Rashid appeared on an Italian TV Game Show Lo Show Dei Record and break his record making it 61 bottle caps in a minute.

In 2020, he already broke 14 records so far including the fastest time to unscrew bottle caps with a Nunchaku, in 17.82 seconds.

Muhammad Rashid – A Record-Breaking Trainer As Well

Not only Mohammad Rashid, but the expert trained his young daughter, Fatima Naseem to break the record as well. Recently on 16th August 2020, the seven-year-old kid broke a record for the most full contact elbow strikes in one minute using alternate elbows (female) with an incredible win of 242 strikes. Fatima also broke an Indian counterpart record.

Being the founder and president of the Pakistan Martial Art Academy (PMAA), not only his daughter but several other kids who trained under him have gone to become record holders.

Rashid says that he wants his students to view him as a role model due to his Guinness World Records. His mentees included Syed Taj Muhammad (Pakistan) who holds the record for most knuckle pushups in an hour (2,175), and Mujtaba Hasan Mughal who holds the record for most walnuts crushed with nunchaku in One minute. Looking at such achievement by his students, it is fair to say that Muhammad Rashid is one record-breaking trainee and a teacher.

Netizen Showered Their Real-Life Hero with Love and Praise.

Mohammad Rashid’s aim is to secure 100 records in his account and with such enthusiasm and zing, we are sure that he and his protégés can make more than 200. The Whole Nation Is Proud Of You, Sir. Congratulations.


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