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Pakistani Girl to Play ‘Muslim Superhero’ in Marvel Series

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Do you know about Captain America? And Iron Man? And Deadpool? What about Thor and Thanos ? – Well if you do then you are also a Marvel Fanatic like me. Marvel series are one of the most watched and loved series around the world. Like the other countries, Pakistan is also a fortress of Marvel fans and Lovers, and seems like Marvels has a surprise for all its Muslims and Pakistani fan around the globe.

Marvel Ropes in Pakistani Origin Girl, Imaan Vellani as the first ever Muslim Superhero- Ms. Marvel

Imaan Vellani – an emerging face of the Hollywood, has just packed the title role of Ms. Marvel and now all set to make a history as the first ever Muslim Superhero on screens.

Hailing from Toronto, Canada 18-years old Vellani has her roots deep in Pakistan. She may not be a prominent face of the industry yet but her brilliant auditions packed her a golden chance in name of ‘Kamala Khan’ aka Ms. Marvel. Her casting was a part of studio’s plan of finding someone who can fit the role perfectly as well as the ethnic background it portrays.

Kamala Khan aka MS. Marvel

Ms. Marvel is all about a Pakistani-American 16-year old, New Jersey girl, who admires Captain Marvel aka Carol Danvers. During her life as a normal teenager, Kamala discovers her superpowers which includes shapeshifting, invulnerability, and elasticity. By using her fine knowledge about superheroes, Kamala goes on to become one of the fiercest Crime fighters.

The character of Ms. Marvel was actually created by G. Willow Wilson for a comic book series that launched in 2014. Wilson made it to twitter and congratulate Vellani calling her a ‘real deal’. Wilson is a Muslim. She converted to Islam in the age of 20, and was praised for her debut novel ‘Alif – the unseen’.

Talking to the media, Vellani said that their goal is to help people understand about other’s perspective better. “We want stories from different genders and different countries and different peoples. I think that’s really important because then people are going to understand each other. Even if they can’t relate to it, you learn from it – our big goal is just to help people understand other’s perspective” said Vellani

Marvel had earlier named Oscar Winning director of Pakistan, Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy as one of the directors for the Disney+ show along with other Muslim directors like Meera Menon, Bilal Fallah and Adil El Arbi.  

Since the critical and commercial success of Black Panther, Marvel has approved a number of projects with culturally diverse casts.

This is definitely a big and amazing news for Muslim kids and specially Pakistani Muslim Kids, who always used to look up to different superheroes and wonder that why they didn’t match to them personally. Hope this step would also eliminate the sensitivity and intolerance related to the word Muslim, and as Vellani said, would help everyone to understand other’s perspective as well. I’m super excited – are you?


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