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Pakistani Model Zarish Grewal ‘Normalize’ Smoking- Got Slammed By Netizen

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Looking at the recent events, it seems like the beauties of Pakistan are in an unseen and silent competition with each other to prove that ‘who can sound the dumbest’. Last week, Miss Urwa Hocane, high on don’t know what made some tweets blaming the “Karachi-Walas’ for the mess created after rain. Anguished Karachiites pour all their frustration on the lady and bashed her hard. Today we have come across another elite class – liberalism fed ‘Bibi’s tweet and found she was better than Urwa in terms of ignorance.

Zarish Grewal is a Pakistani model and a popular Instagrammer. Her insta-feed is full of her modeling pictures which are being watched and appreciated by thousands of her followers. Apparently, like most of the models we have in P-Town, Zarish is also a hardcore follower of a Western-inspired leftist community, who believes in promoting any kind of shit in the name of ‘Freedom’ and her recent picture proved this thing RIGHT.

Recently, Zarish picture got viral on social media for all the wrong reasons. The Instagrammer cum Model shared a hot pic of her having puffs from the cigarette. The title read ‘Normalizing Female Smokers’.

Soon, her Instagram flood with different ‘offers’ and moral policing. Many Libbo-lovers also showered ‘love’ on her to promote smoking.
Soon a young girl named Syeda Rimsha Fatima, take her to Facebook and slammed her with an absolute befitting reply.

She made a long post calling this stunt of Zarish a “bullshit’. She said that this is all these ‘BULLSHIT AURTEN’ can do on the name of feminism and because of these a**holes, those women who actually do something for women empowerment have to suffer more. “They don’t have any practical thing to do, if you have freedom then use it and go to the rural areas and educate teen girls. There are many issues other than your stupid cigarettes” wrote Rimsha.
“But you dumbheads only think about female smokers, gay marriage, boycott nikkah, etc. and then you call it ’feminism’ she added.

Bravo, Girl. This is the reply these dumb-head and so-called modern libbos- aunts deserve. Smoking is not a gender-related thing, it’s a poison. It is more like encouraging women to commit suicide by taking this n this poison because oh, boys are also taking this and dying… oh wow… how can we stay behind – Urgh these people are stupid beyond your imagination. Smoking is lethal. No matter you are a man or a woman, if you have lungs, it will kill you for sure. Stop Normalizing such things in the name of gender equality for heaven’s sake. You feminists are in dire need to update your mental software.


Maya SH

Blogging with passion

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