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Pakistani Tiktoker Kills Husband to Get ‘Followers’

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The dangerous Tiktok fever has taken the entire youth of Pakistan under its influence. Here, the race of getting ‘viral’ and famous is making people attempt any perilous stunt – Youngsters, are keen to take menacing challenges just to increase their followers – Hence, a different type of competition is going on in there which is making people go up to any extent to mark the red line on this video making app.

A Woman ‘Faked’ Her Husband’s Death to Increase His TikTok Followers

Adil Rajput is a prominent and famous TikToker from Pakistan – He is popular for making funny and interactive videos with wife, Farah Adil – Belonging from Rahim Yar Khan, this couple earns massive respect and love on TikTok in form of 2.8 million followers –

Recently, it turned out that not only this couple is talented but also expert in gaining attention in different ways.

Latterly, Farah Adil reached out to TikTok and made a very emotional video announcing his husband Adil Rajput’s death – in the video, Farah claimed that her brother in law informed that Adil died in a car accident. She also stated that this was all planned and someone was giving him death threats. This news of Adil’s death spread like a wildfire and created massive chaos on social media – Fans of Adil were in great shock and pain listening to this horrific news.

The news of his death even broke out from the local mosques at Rahim Yar Khan. Fans and followers start flocking at his place for condolence but to their surprise, there were no signs of a funeral at his place.

People fell into deep suspicion regarding the matter when soon another video uploaded by Farah in which Adil was badly injured. According to Farah, her brother in law ‘mistaken’ Adil as dead and that his husband got a new life.

So basically, Adil’s brother ‘thought’ without taking him to the hospital that he is dead and informed his SIL. Farah, without even asking further hung up on the call and preferred to make a TikTok video and cry in front of followers rather than going in person and check on his husband. Adil who was, according to Farah so badly injured that he was mistaken as dead. But surprisingly Dr couldn’t find out that ‘seriousness’ in his condition and send him home the very day *slow claps for this failed direction*

Looking at massive loopholes in the story, everyone understood that both husband and wife have played a disgusting prank to get more followers – However, the couple is refusing to accept it but they are busted.

The netizens who were wishing him ‘rest in peace’ have started bashing the couple

As I said earlier, TikTokers can go up to any extent to gain followers and it’s not the first time. Many other TikTokers have done worse things before that even came out as a result of someone’s death for REAL. In my opinion, some sort of action should be taken down against them for playing with the feelings of their fans and creating chaos by breaking fake news.

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