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PDM is based on vested interests says Shibli Faraz

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Minister for Information and Broadcasting Shibli Faraz said Monday that the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) is destined to face failure, disgrace and humiliation.

In a tweet today (Monday), he says the defeating elements of the PDM are again gathering today to formulate a strategy to protect their politics and wealth.

The Minister said this alliance revolves around disagreements based on vested interests.

The minister earlier spoke about Pakistan Democratic Movement, the 11-party Opposition alliance which is due to stage a protest outside the Election Commission of Pakistan on January 19, and said that it is a sorry attempt by them to attempt to repeat a pack of lies so much that it starts to seem like the truth.

“The drama they have staged, it must be realised, this is not about PTI, it is about all of us. And we have provided an authenticated, notorised record of all the information from our end.

“Now it is their duty to come tomorrow, instead of the day after and tell the people whether it is really us who are thieves who have provided all proof,” the minister said.

The PDM gathering will take place in the federal capital on Tuesday. In this regard, Islamabad Police have chalked out a comprehensive security plan for an expected rally from Rawalpindi to the office of Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) wherein more than 1,800 personnel, including five Superintendents of Police and 10 Deputy Superintendents of Police will be on duty to maintain the law and order situation under the overall supervision of Senior Superintendent of Police Operations to ensure the implementation of code of conduct agreed between the organisers and the district administration.

Participants will park their cars in the general car park of the Convention Centre and walk towards ECP after passing through metal detectors.


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