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Pilac is going to establish a Punjabi TV channel

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Based in Lahore, the Punjab Institute of Language, Art, and Culture (Pilac) has planned out three huge projects. These projects include satellite television, a cultural village, and a crafts bazaar. The goal of carrying out these projects is to promote the prestigious Punjabi culture and language.

A few days ago a meeting was held by the Secretary of Information and Culture Raja Jahangir, at Pilac. During the meeting, the final details of the project were discussed.

According to Dawn, Pilac is also planning to assemble a dance team for the cultural dances of Punjab. The dancers will be hired on monthly wages, they will perform in different functions and events.

The Pilac Director General Dr. Sughra Sadaf is determined that these projects will be useful for the promotion of Punjab’s rich culture and heritage.

The Punjab Rung Satellite Television will display Punjabi artists, artisans, folk musicians, traditions, cultural norms, customs, literature, Sufism, local games, and folklore, according to Dr. Sughra Sadaf.

She further stated that the proposed TV station would be the first in the culture sector to be formed by the government. The Television channel will be based in Pilac and run by the Punjab Information and Culture Department.

The available space at Pilac will be utilized as the TV channel’s studio. However, more space will be required for the offices of allied staff while the TV license is in process, she continued.

Other than the TV channel, another project of Pilac is to preserve the Punjabi village life. They will use sufficient space which is available at Pilac to recreate a village scenario.

The artificial village will have mud houses, courtyards, pottery, a cooking area, a Persian wheel, and other reoccurring scenes from an actual village. Specialized artisans will be hired to carry out the well-planned design of this village.


Lastly, the Punjab crafts bazaar will also be introduced in order to promote the culture of Punjab. Around 8 shops will be constructed at the partition wall between the Alhamra Cultural Complex (Gaddafi Stadium) and Pilac.

The shops will showcase and sell pottery, handicrafts, cultural dresses, cloth, antiques, woodworks, ornaments, musical instruments, and food. The bazaar will also serve as a revenue source for Pilac.


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