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Pindi Girl suspended by School for TikTok Video

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A 16-year-old girl, Hina Shameer was expelled from her private school for uploading a video on her TikTok account that is deemed as “Vulgar” by the school’s management.

The girl uploaded a video of herself wearing just a piece of clothe that is covering her chest and to which she says that she does not find anything wrong about it.

Hira Shameer Tweets; “What a shame. My #school suspended me because I made a #Tiktok video which they thought was vulgar, this is so stupid, forcing me to delete my Tiktok account. From where did it look vulgar? why threatening my future? I am in my right to do whatever at my social media. #SHAME

Her Twitter Bio says that Hira is a 16 year old aspiring actor and that she lives in Rawalpindi. Pakistan is overwhelming a conservative society where girls are normally discouraged or even condemned for revealing themselves on public forums however, ever since the boom of Social Media generation in the country, many Pakistanis including girls have come up on platforms like Youtube, Instagram and Tiktok by creating some serious buzz with their controversial posts.

But little do this generation realize that vulgarity can never be respected or accepted, especially not by Schools. While suspension in such an early stage of school life is definitely damaging and it holds certain psychological impact but Pakistan is an Islamic country and Islam does not approve such cheap acts to gain attention.

It appears that Hina is challenging the decision and claiming to be defiant but will her parents ever step-in and fix their daughter before she ends up doing anything stupid?

Tiktok has been criticized lately for providing platform to teenagers who create extremely disgusting and objectionable content. Earlier Pakistan’s telecommunications regulator has banned video streaming platform Bigo and issued a final notice to Chinese video social media giant TikTok over concerns they are encouraging “immoral, obscene and vulgar content”.

Developed by Chinese developer ByteDance, TikTok has been downloaded more than two billion times worldwide, according to technology research firm Sensor Tower.

India was the app’s largest market, with more than 611 million downloads, followed by the US with 165 million downloads, according to Sensor Tower’s data.

In Pakistan, the app is popularly used across a range of economic backgrounds to share short videos, often depicting people singing along, or lip-syncing, to popular songs; or acting out scenes overdubbed with popular Bollywood movie dialogue.

In a statement, TikTok told Al Jazeera it considered “maintaining a safe and positive in-app environment our top priority”, and had removed more than 3.7 million videos from Pakistan in the second half of 2019 for violating content guidelines.

“We are committed to further strengthening our safeguards to ensure the safety of our users, while increasing our dialogue with the authorities to explain our policies and demonstrate our dedication to user security,” the company said.

Romaisa Khan, 20, is a TikTok star in Pakistan, with 2.8 million followers and videos that regular register more than 500,000 views.

She said the platform needs stricter content moderation, especially for users who are minors, but the government should not ban it outright.

“I don’t think banning is a solution, because there are a lot of people who are earning [a living] through TikTok or getting work through TikTok, so its kind of a good thing as well,” she told Al Jazeera.

According to Hina, her school management has forced her to delete her Tiktok account in order for her to be unsuspended.

Dr. Faryal Rao

Dr. Faryal Rao

Full time mother, part time blogger.

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