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PKR Vs USD| Economy Is Improving| Why Anti-Pak Lobby Is Silent?

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Pakistan is going through a massive change in the history of the country. After facing years of deprivation and indigence, the economy of Pakistan is finally thriving and coming out of the destitution that has once engulfed the entire region under its pall. The last two years have played a significant role in stabilizing the economy of Pakistan, and in the year 2020, despite being clawed under the deadly pandemic, the GDP growth of Pakistan has been stabled and continuously burgeoning.

Better Economic Growth

Addressing the World Economic Forum earlier in the year, Prime minister Imran Khan had claimed that the year 2020 will be one of the highest GDP growth in Pakistan. Khan promised to bring fiscal development in the country within the on-going year, and his vows echoed when the economic condition of the state began to thrive and rise.

In the month of September, Pakistan’s current account deficit dropped by 80% to a 41% month low of $259 million with a 111.5% rise in foreign direct investment (FDI) and a 194 percent increase in Private investment. With FDI of $1.34 billion during the first half of the current fiscal year, a 68.3% increase was reported in January, compared to $796.8 million of the same period of the previous FY.

 The financial developments in Pakistan have been recognized globally as well, with Moody’s report on Pakistan’s economy which marked Pakistan’s performance from negative to stable. The World Bank has also acknowledged Pakistan as one of the top 10 ‘Most Improved’ countries in the world.

PKR Improved Against Dollar

Another achievement is unlocked. The US Dollar, which was hurtling at a dangerous place for years, has begun to drop against the Pakistani Rupee. From August to October, USD has been contracted around 7 rupees averse to PKR. Recently, the dollar has been traded on the lowest of 161.37, after acing the highest of times in March around 169.

Currency experts in banks and open markets said the rupees has gained due to improved data of external account which increased the foreign exchange reserve of the country while the demand was also down.

“The dollar is coming down The dollar is coming down against the rupee due to several reasons including the improved external indicators like current account surplus and lower outflow from the country,” said Forex Association of Pakistan President Malik Boston.

Moreover, he also believed that the US Dollar may further decline up to Rs.160 in the coming weeks. Looking at the recent facts and figures, it would be just the right thing to say that the economy of Pakistan is showing massive improvement. 

Why Anti-Pakistan Lobby Is Silent?

While we are talking about the success and accomplishments of the country, it would be wrong not to remember all those ‘Diehard’ lovers of Pakistan who used to be really ‘concerned’ regarding the worst economical and environmental conditions of Pakistan. Our praiseworthy Liberal-Leftist lobby. This self-loathing lobby never left any stone unturned in mocking or castigating the country for its poor economy and deplorable measures to combat poverty. They never feel ashamed of calling their land as poverty-stricken and beggar country. But where are they now? Why Marvi Sirmed, who always update the world regarding bad conditions of Pakistan, is not sharing her two cents on this issue? Why Hamid Mir, who always call out IK on his worst performance, is not appreciating this success? Why ? After all, you all believe in fair journalism, no?

Those who were always on the front to point out Pak’s flaws, of course ‘In Concern’ are silent. Why not a single word of appreciation or laud has been reported from our whited sepulcher society? I’ll tell you why… because the losers never celebrate their failure. All these years they have been drudged in dismantling Pakistan. Sometimes by creating turmoil by funding terrorists and sometimes by censuring Pak on the global forums, they always tried blood and sweat to wreck the economy of Pakistan, but this time they failed miserably.

Their efforts of destroying the Pak’s economy have been fall on face, which made them unable to show their red faces or utter a word on this. Now, mark my words in few days they will point out negativity in this accomplishment as well.. Well, nice try, losers, but Pakistan is now unstoppable. It will rise and shine, right before your eyes, you just keep trying with your filthy agenda.

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