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‘PM Modi Got Shot By Sikh Commando’ – Twitter

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Twitter is a place where things get viral in no time. In the present era, most people prefer to follow Twitter than News channels or Newspapers, because it gives news straight from the horse’s mouth. Even many politicians are reported to visit Twitter every morning to check what should be on their agenda today, and what Manjan they can sell out of it. Hence, sometimes interesting and sometimes bizarre, every day the latest news, a new trend embraces us. Recently, PM Modi is trending on social media for all the negative reasons.

PM India Narendra Modi Got Shot By SPG Commando

A news clip from a famous Indian News Channel is making rounds of the social media platform which is surprising and yet disturbing. A screenshot of a piece of alleged news by The Indian Express is going viral, baffling people around the Asia pacific. According to that piece of news the PM Modi got shot by a Sikh SPG Commando on Thursday and is critical.

As per the news details, An SPG Commando who was a Sikh by identity fired 4 shots of Handgun at Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The news also claimed that the PM has been shifted to the hospital in critical conditions, while Indian authorities are hiding the news.

Twitter Reaction Was Something To See!

Soon after this post went viral, a flock of Twitteratis reached to express their astonishment in different ways.


The news channel which name was appearing in the image did not endorse it, neither any post related to it have been found. However, it seems like that the post which is making rounds on Twitter was fake and a prank of some hard-core Modi ‘Lover’

Nevertheless, what else you can expect after yesterday’s ‘Civil War in Pakistan’ news by Indian Media? After all, when such huge ‘bombardments’ would take place in Pakistan, how can our neighboring country, India expect to get away from the radiations err?


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