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Pop Culture: A social dilemma for the youth

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What is the Pop Culture?

Before we focus on pop culture: a social dilemma for the youth. Let’s understand first that what pop culture is. If we focus on a more literal meaning of the word pop culture; then, we can refer to it as a group of ideas, perspectives, and attitudes accepted or preferred by the mainstream.

However, modern pop culture has a little different definition. The current pop culture that is extremely prevalent among the media and the youth; is linked to something that has a buzz. It can be literally anything going viral from a haircut to a funky outfit.

The approach to the mainstream has changed drastically in the age of the internet. Now, people have more information about others’ lives and what they’re doing; hence, there isn’t any typical approach left to the mainstream. It’s all about creating a buzz and going viral. Pop culture is everywhere in today’s world be it the internet, music, games, movies, concerts, or comics.

Has pop culture become a social dilemma for today’s youth?

Young folks are the most influenced group by modern pop culture. On one hand, pop culture can prove to be beneficial for the youth. This media culture enhances and builds interactions and bonds between people of different backgrounds and cultures.

However, pop culture has some serious effects on the young generation as well. It is as if pop culture has become a social dilemma for today’s youth. How so? Well, the pop culture is embedded so much in the young generation that it has become difficult for them to opt for better alternatives.

Nowadays, young girls and boys let the mainstream decide for them. Plus, it has put youth in a state of pandemonium to choose their well-being over pop culture. Because letting go of the pop culture means letting go of the buzz and mainstream hype, which makes them feel like an outcast.

Pop culture’s framed mindset of the youth leads to undermined self esteem

The pop culture of today’s age has its stereotypical standards: which has resulted in the boxed mindsets of young people. It is as if the mainstream has framed the mindset of young girls and boys in a certain way that also affects their mental well-being. One of the major effects of this framed mindset is low self-esteem. The young lads have put away their authenticity and accepted it to be how the mainstream culture requires.

Pop culture and its mainstream sterotypes for young men:

pop culture men stereotypical expectations

Young men are trapped in a maze of the unusual and commercial definition of handsomeness and good looks. These stereotypes include being tall, having abs, muscles, etc. This means the idea of an ideal and perfect man is matched to being picture-perfect.

It doesn’t end here. An ideal man in today’s mainstream culture needs to be rich as well. I mean, acquiring near to perfect, and unrealistic beauty standards are not enough in this pop culture. You need to be a person with immense cash as well because that’s when you truly fit in.

Pop culture and its mainstream sterotypes for young women:

pop culture woman

Just like men, young women also have to face unrealistic beauty and body standards. In fact, it is safe to say that women face these issues more than men usually do. The media and TV have idealized certain kinds of women and now the general public takes it as reality. Pop culture considers a woman attractive and sexy if she fits the unrealistic media expectations. This includes being fair, having bigger breasts and buttocks, and a slim waist.

How do unrealistic pop culture media standards affect the mental well being of young people?

The unrealistic media standards have adverse effects on the mental health of the youth that is influenced by them. Young boys and girls push themselves to the edge to become a part of the society that feeds on pop culture. Consequently, it leads to serious mental issues like anxiety, depression, overthinking, etc.

Moreover, at times pop culture favoring acts of violence can lead to inappropriate actions taken. All of this can result in committing serious hate crimes. Plus many times pop culture rejects learning and intelligence: which can affect the productivity and performance of young people. This, leading to psychological distress and regret later.


Pop culture has helped the world to come together, and make it a collective global society with many different ideas and perspectives coming together. Nevertheless, it has some negative effects on society too in particular on the youth.

Some of these effects include unrealistic beauty and body standards set by the media for young boys and girls. This idealistic approach to beauty leads to low self-esteem and a highly boxed mindset. Which can be harmful to the society and mental well-being of young folks.


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