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Pregnant at the age of 15, is it a good idea?

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Children are a gift of God that should be embraced and cherished, it is that one blessing that one wishes to have fulfilled at least once in their lifetime. One will never be able to fully feel the charm if they don’t really enjoy it, to begin with.

Many people think of it as an issue of bearing children at a young age as they may be many disadvantages that will come along, but the benefits that come are not supposed to be ignored. It is time for people to understand and see how beneficial this step can be and how it should be normalized.

This argument has both good points and bad points but good points are worth focusing on. These benefits are worth living for, these are the issues that people having children at 25 or 28 are going through. And they seem to have no way out. They are stuck with these problems but going with the idea of bearing a child at a young age will bring these obviously important benefits into your life.

  • Early marriage will lead to the obvious circumstances of bearing children at a young age and the most important yet the unavoidable fact is that even if you bare children at a young age it will obviously give you more time to procreate more while your age and your cycle won’t cause a hindrance when seen otherwise. This fact can either be enjoyed or taken as a burden but who would not see little versions of themselves? This way you’ll know that nothing could be seen as upsetting as off when your cycle is closing because you’ll be way younger than the normal age of 30. So no fertility issues and if any you’ll have a lot of time to try conceiving a baby.
  • With many reasons to come by, this will benefit you as well. Even if you’ve had a child at a young age and your daughter is about 18 and you are probably 34, you won’t be considered an old lady you had a child. You will still be young plus being ahead of many other people like already bearing a child of your own.
  • Your big won’t is getting tired or getting enough sleep because this won’t be a big issue at that point. Your young age will bring health benefits to you like having more energy. This will ensure your presence in important things coming up in your child’s life. You can enjoy this motherhood for a longer time.
  • With this beautiful gift of giving birth to a child at that specific young age, you will have a whole future planned for your child which you will most likely get to experience as it is what you wished for. With this, you won’t have the fear that your age will cause you to depart from this world and you won’t be able to actively participate or even be. A part of their life. Because with a young age comes confidence and assurance of life that one might want to think about that way. You will not be afraid of missing important events like the birth of the marriage or birth of your grandchild etcetera. You will be there to see it all.
  • Plus you will be an active grandparent that knows stuff and isn’t too old to get some advice.
  • You’ll able to understand and learn things at a good pace as compared to old age parents.
  • If you bear children at a tender age you considered as young as they would be with just a slight difference. You will be at that point in time where you will be able to relate to your child just as accurate because your needs may tend to be similar when seen. In more simple words you will be able to relate to your child either it’s in materialistic needs or in a sentimental or emotional way or even maybe physical. For example, how your child is dealing with high school issues or what gadget he or she wants for a good reputation or even maybe what kind of outfit would suit a specific event. There will actually be no issues for you to connect with their mindsets because you yourself would know how much it’s important.
  • You can be the friend that your child would confide in, the one they think would understand them the most. The one they will share their deepest secrets with you or how they are dealing with stuff emotionally. This way you’ll know about what things bother your child plus you will their safe person, someone who knows the real details.

Surely the society thinks otherwise as to the disadvantages of this. The idea is being highlighted more and more. But if you really look into the advantages, you will know how much benefit they bring to you and your child.


Seema Shah

Full time mother, part time blogger.

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