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PSL Fever Made It To ‘Family Guy’ This Season

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On the list of all the occasions, which Pakistanis celebrates with utmost zing, Pakistan Super League (PSL) comes in the top 10. Though as to say, our national game is Hockey, but the excitement we show for cricket has no match.

The preparations for PSL starts from days before the event took place. Shopping for favorite team’s mugs & t-shirts, managing time according to series, hoarding snacks at home etc. is all the part of the arrangements we do to enjoy our most favorite series in peace. But seems like this year, the fever of PSL has gone a bit too far.

‘Family Guy’ Have Started Its 19th Season With PSL Gag:

When it comes to Family Guy, the first word that comes to my mind is ‘Fun’and this is what it is – It is the most popular animated series worldwide amongst all age groups. Not only in Gora Countries; Peter Griffin, Quagmire, and Lil brat Stewie have become the household names in Pakistan as well.

This year, the Family Guy launch its 19th season on Sunday, with a cool surprise for its Pakistani fans.

As the episode began, Peter and the gang are at the Clam, the neighborhood bar where the Quagmire expresses his frustration towards the inundation of the foreign sports fans, crowding the place every Saturday.

He points at two ‘Pakistani’ guys who turned out to be Lahore Qalandar supporters whereas Joe appears to be a fan of Karachi Kings. Yes, a brilliant yet hilarious crossover nobody has thought about.

The two Lahore Qalandar fans were having soft-drinks. One said “If you are not rooting for Lahore, please you may leave, I can tell you”

The other one says, “Lahore cricketers are the best and the others are not the best”

Joe Swanson, however, shown to quickly cover his t-shirt saying ‘One for Karachi but I don’t have a death wish about it’

Netizens Enjoyed a Big Time about It

Soon as the clip hit the Twittersphere, it went viral in no time. Where Twitteratis have enjoyed, some also got a bit agitated listening to the accent used in the episode. They claimed that the accent they used for Lahori Fans was rather depicting Indian than Pakistani.

While Others just enjoyed it as a fun gag and laughed about it.

However, it was cool to see PSL fever taking Family Guy under its influence. Finally, they have depicted something ‘Positive’ about Pakistan or otherwise, we were only good to appear as terrorists or big bearded turban guys all set to blow themselves up, d’uh… Anyways, hope to see a much more positive depiction of Pakistanis in the coming times – Fingers crossed.


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