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PTM Extremist Mohsin Dawar Attend PDM Meeting in Karachi – What’s Cooking?

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The Pakistan Democratic Movement aka the Corruption Tola’s activities is going in full zeal and enthusiasm against the PTI Government. The lobby, determined to save their skins from the accountability is ready to perform any political stunt, even if it proves out to be the last of their careers. Based on 11 teams (parties), the purpose of this campaign is apparently to provoke the public and dislodge the incumbent government, but on the backstage, a lot is taking place.

Recently, the Pashtun Tehaffuz Movement (PTM) announces its unconditional support for the PDM, who is making strategic yet idiotic moves to sabotage the government.

The PTM leadership, despite being in constant contact with the stalwarts of PDM Including Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and Maulana Fazl ur Rehman, still doesn’t appear on the red carpet with the remaining parties. Not only this, but the procession held in Rawalpindi also missed the presence of any PTM leader as many political parties including JUI-F and PML-N have shared their reservation about PTM representatives addressing the procession. Thus the entire leadership remained uninvited to attend the assemblage.

The reason behind this reluctance was apparently PTM’s long history of anti-state activities and hate crimes against the Government which has always put them under the administration radar. Back in May, the main leadership of PTM including MNA, Mohsin Daawar, and Ali Wazir was accused of inciting violence at Khaqamar Check Post where 15 people died and 35 were severely injured. However, the two got acquitted due to the lack of evidence.

Nevertheless, this decision of PDM was highly censured amongst the Liberal-Leftist community which makes them decide to change their game in their next power show.

PTM Representative Mohsin Dawar Address the PDM Procession in Karachi

Recently, Mohsin Dawar’s arrival at Karachi airport made many eyes role and faces frowned. According to the sources, the MNA of the separatist organization has arrived to address the PDM procession in Karachi.

The PDM another power show is currently taking place in Jinnah Ground, Karachi today. Surprisingly, the date PPP chose to showcase their power holds significance in history for them. Exactly 13 years back from now, the major Karsaz Bombing attack took place in the procession of Late Benazir Bhutto, leaving 150 dead and 500 badly injured. The notorious terrorist organization, TTP took the responsibility for that blast.

Under the pretext of that, the minister of Science and Technology, Fawad Chaudhry expressed his disappointment over the oration of the alleged TTP apologist and supporter, Mohsin Dawar.

Mohsin Dawar Speech At PDM

As usual, the extremist leader attacked the Government and Armed Forces using his fake propaganda.

Uninvited In Gujranwala and Invited In Karachi – What’s Cooking?

In a nutshell, PTM which is an Anti-Pakistan movement is now supporting PDM, and obviously only honey can attract bees. There must be something which is hidden in the agenda of PDM which inspired PTM and lure them to join hands with them, and no it’s just not only about dislodging the government. In the last power show in Gujranwala, the PML-N leader, Nawaz Sharif held an impudent stance against the Armed forces and tried to castigate COAS Pak which was highly condemned by the nation. Yes, the entire gameplay is carefully orchestrated to attack the defensive system of Pakistan – the Armed forces.

 Joining hands with PTM made one thing clear that the agenda of the entire PDM Movement is not Anti-Government but Anti-Pakistan

Why in Karachi now? Well, there could be three reasons behind this.

No1 – the Indian fed Liberal Leftist lobby was irked with PDM for not letting their ‘kids’ speak in the assemblage and showcase their alliance with the PDM openly.

2nd – PPP has a history of working with terrorists like Uzair Baloch, and calling PTM to their meeting would not harm their image, in fact, the notoriety of PTM would help them draw more audience. The third reason, however is bit horrendous.

3rd- This could also be a chance for Dawar to attract the attention of Sindh separatist parties who are determined to cut off Karachi from Sindh and perform what it has been played before in Balochistan; as per the Indian agenda to cut off Sindh from Pakistan after creating turmoil in Balochistan.

Though with MQM being present in Karachi, you don’t need an outsider to play this filthy game, but Dawar and company are troublemakers so you cannot expect anything good in their presence.

Anyways, cutting the long story short, PTM presence put a stoppage to all the doubts about PDM and proved that this is another stunt backed by Indian and anti-state elements to affect the country’s defensive system that is PM Imran Khan and Chief Of Army Staff, in the present.

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