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Rakhi Sawant Pics With Pak-Flag Going Viral Again

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Bollywood is such a strange place – and the people are even more weird. Their relationship status with Pakistan and Pakistani people always remain ‘complicated’ – On one hand, They never let go of a chance to censure the Pakistani Film Industry, yet half of their hit songs are ‘copied’ from Pakistan. They claim to hate Pakistan, yet without mentioning its name, they cannot give a single patriotic hit. Not even that, you will also find some Bollywood celebrities, clinging on to the name of Pakistan (either by the good or bad way) just to get attention and cheap publicity.

Here’s presenting you another stunt, using Pakistan, performed by ‘The Bollywood Goddess of Controversy’,

Rakhi Sawant Pictures Draped In Pakistani Flag Goes Viral

There are some people who get into the controversy, then there are those who got fixed into one, then there comes the Bollywood item girl, Rakhi Sawant who follows controversies like a wolf and hunt them down. Nowadays, Sawant is again trending on Twitter for some interesting reasons – and making the Indian public fumes in anger (which is more interesting)

Recently, some photos of Rakhi Sawant are making the round of the social media, in which the item girl is posing along with the flag of Pakistan

The images were of a photoshoot in which the Pardesia Girl is striking a pose with Pak-Flag while holding and embracing it. The pictures, which are claiming to be a year old have circulated the social media in no time, and make Rakhi a trending star on Twitter (you owe thanks to Pakistan now, Rakhi)

The Indian people, as usual, couldn’t be able to keep their cool and attacked Sawant. They start calling her ‘Paki Sawant’ and asked her to move to Pakistan as she deserves it. (No, thank you)

“I Respect Pakistan” – Rakhi Sawant

This is not the first time these pictures have become the talk of social media. Last year, Rakhi Sawant posted these pictures on her Instagram account as a promotional stunt for her movie and got trolled nation-wide.

After getting several hate comments, the actress posted a video where she explained that she is playing the role of a Pakistani girl in her upcoming film Dhara 370. She also added that people of Pakistani are kind-hearted and she respects them. Posting some more pictures with the flag, Sawant wrote: “Wen I have sain this movie that time I got to know that so many Pakisani people helping indian and Kasmiri people thanks 🙏 to dos Pakistani people i saw bajarngi bhai jaan that is allso thruth in Pakistan there is good people allso there hu helps indian.” (Contact me for sub-titles)

Well, thanks for your love and kind gestures towards Pakistan, but sorry it’s of no use. We can trust a scorpion once, but not you Chappan Churri – We have heard you talking shit about Pakistan and Pakistani Army and know that how bottomless you are. Miss Sawant keeps rolling and set wherever she finds attention – So Indians, you can keep her, and we are soon going to parcel our Item Girl, Marvi Sirmed


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