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Reviewing the classic ‘Locke’ & Tom Hardy

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When you think of a movie that has only one character throughout or the majority of the film then only a few movies come to your mind.
‘ Buried ‘, ‘ 127 hours ‘, ‘ All is lost ‘,
‘ Castaway ‘, ‘ The shallows ‘……. and many more.

All of the aforementioned movies are good, but my recently-watched movie ” Locke ” stands out from the rest. The movie is about a construction manager who’s very good at managing things,finds his life descending into Chaos when he gets to know that the girl he once had a one-night stand with is about to give birth to his child.

Tom Hardy is terrific in this movie. You just can’t take your eyes off him. He completely transfixes you with his poignantly enthralling performance. You root for his character and expect other characters to sympathise with him. Since, the character is always inside the car, you only get to see the close-up and medium close-up shots that really allow you to have a strong emotional connection with the character. It makes you feel like you’re inside the subject’s mind and you can feel what he’s going through. There are scenes where Tom Hardy’s nuances and minute improvisations completely absorb you and make you in sync with his thoughts and emotions. The scene where he’s about to confess his infidelity to his wife or the scene when Katrina asks Ivan if he really wants her to give him Cassidy’s number so he can close the road. These scenes will stay with me for a long time. The way Tom Hardy emotes himself in those scenes, it just furthers my prolonged belief that this man has really got some oscar-worthy work inside of him and one day i can see that belief being manifested.

Since, the entire movie has been shot at night, the movie creates a stronger impact on you. The street lights perfectly set the tone for the movie. The cinematography is visually compelling.

Each of the supporting voice characters has done an excellent job. Olivia Colman (as Bethan), Ruth Wilson (as Katrina), Tom Holland (as Eddie) and the rest of the cast are amazing in their respective roles. Even though they are only heard off camera and never seen on screen, they still give the exact impressions of their mental and physical states through their incredible Voice-actings.

‘ Locke ‘ is a tightly paced and brilliantly acted movie that definitely leaves an impact on you. It puts your moral compass to the test by posing the question…
” How would you act,if you were in that position? “


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