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Revival of ‘Yazeed’ – Indian Police Ruthlessly Attacked ‘Shia Mourners’ In Kashmir

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Since the Indian Government abrogated the Article 370 In Kashmir, the people of Kashmir are experiencing ‘Karbala’ every day. Deprived of food, deprived of basic necessities while watching their loved ones succumbing to the brutality imposed by Indian Police, life has become harder than ever on poor Kashmiris. But today, in the holy month of Muharram the Indian Police has evoked the memory of the cursed Yazeed.

The Indian Police broke all the records of bestiality and inhumanity in Kashmir while cruelly assaulting the peaceful Shia mourners after Azadars of Imam Hussain R.A tried to take out the Muharram procession in Srinagar city.

A few days back, the same incident happened in the Zadibal area of Srinagar where the police baton-charged and assault the women participants of a peaceful Muharram procession.
According to the Kashmir Media Service (KMS), the police utilize the baton charge against the female Shiite mourners who tried to take out the procession on the 3rd day of Muharram in the city.
A video uploaded on social media shows how Police treating the female mourners with inhumane ways.

The Indian authorities have imposed strict restrictions in the interiors of the Zadibal area of Srinagar and blocked roads to hinder Muharram processions. It should be taken into account that in IoK, there are about one million Shia out of a total Muslim population of 8.5 million.
The cursed Yazeed has died long ago but his thinking and proponents are still alive, torturing and tormenting the Muslims everywhere in the World, and the Muslim Ummah is now waiting and yearning for someone like Hussain ibn e Ali R.A to save them from this agony.


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