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Saudi Radio to launch 24-hour Urdu transmission

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JEDDAH: The Saudi Radio plans to launch test transmission of a 24-hour Urdu service from the middle of September 2021, while the services will be formally launched on September 23, a Saudi official said.

The transmission will include programmes on Islam, the holy Quran, Ahadis and historical and world affairs.

Saudi Broadcasting Authority deputy chairman Faisal Ilyafi said this, while talking to a delegation of the Pakistan Journalists Forum (PJF).

The world transmission was started from the holy city of Makkah in September 1950 with a 15-minute slot for the Urdu programme, he said, and stressed that it is the need of the hour to face challenges and keep ourselves abreast of the changes in media.

The Saudi Urdu transmission has decided to continue its transmission on social media, such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, FM, Shortwave, Satellite, and Twitter, he added.

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has given approval to the project, he said, adding that the Saudi Information Ministry has also made several other languages part of the project.

The deputy chairman said any language has a supreme significance to disseminate news-cum-events, that’s why many foreign languages such as Russian, Spanish, Japanese, Hebrew and Chinese would be part of the transmission.

By making these efforts, Saudi Arabia’s role as the leader of development, aid, Islamic services, effective member of the G20 and economic performance will be highlighted on the world arena.

He lauded the services of the Pakistan Journalists Forum for the promotion of trade relations, Saudi Vision 2030, Hajj (pilgrimage), Umrah, economy, development, and prosperity among Pakistan and Saudi Arabiaand assured of every possible cooperation in this regard.

Pakistan Journalists Forum chairman Ameer Mohammad Khan emphasised that Pakistan has strong relations with the Saudi Arabia on the basis of love, respect and religion, and said that he fully supported the transmission policy and ensured possible cooperation.

Meanwhile, interviews of all PJF delegation members were recorded on the occasion.


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