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Self-loathing Liberals outraging against Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar is SILLY & pointless.

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Kahlil Ur Rehman Qamar is a well known media personality, known for his amazing scripts and screenplays that have produced some of the most popular shows in television industry.

He is also famous for his blunt and bold statements and does not shy away from crossing the red line of political-correctness. Recently, he was invited on a national television channel to discuss women rights and a much hyped Aurat-March ‘an event organized by bunch of elite class women, creating a nuisance with their nonsensical and anti-social slogans’.

One of the other guests from in the show was none other than, Marvi Sirmed – a woman who has made quiet a name in Pakistan’s liberal and leftist circles, she speaks on behalf of Pakistani women (while her lifestyle, political-religious approaches are completely in contrary to the Pakistani women in general).

A video is creating some serious buzz on Pakistan’s digital space since last couple of days, it was basically Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar’s hammering of Marvi Sirmed when the latter was constantly interfering during his talk and not letting him speak.

While one may agree that Mr Qamar gone bit too aggressive but if you carefully watch the video, he was certainly provoked by the lady with her constant interference.

Secondly the point that mr Qamar was trying to make, does make sense as the large number of people from Pakistani society are raising some serious concerns with Aurat March event, it is not just a conservative vs liberal debate anymore, many progressive and liberal media personalities have also questioned the event’s credibility and motive.

Here is what Rabi Pirzada, a singer and a media personality has to say on it.

Here is what famous Pakistani actress, Veena Malik has to say about the on going issue.

If you do a little homework on the internet, you will find Pakistanis irrespective of their political, religious and social view, are criticizing Aurat March and its online-bullies because they find the whole drama to be futile for Pakistan’s social fabric.

Now what exactly are the liberals and leftists finding problematic here? Is it his anti-feminist opinion? well that is quiet understandable since Liberals are genuinely triggered the moment they confront their critics, you will find worst bullies among them just try getting into their ‘other-end’.

But if its Qamar sahab’s verbal tirade then let me just share a few examples of that victim-playing self-proclaimed chaand ki guriya.


These are just few examples of how Marvi Sirmed abuses people who merely disagree with her on certain things, so the question is, where was the outrage then?

Fact that liberals and leftists choose to ignore abuses coming from one of their owns and go complete berserk against those who disagree with them pretty much explains their usual hypocrisy. The selected-amnesia is what these liberals stand for, so kudos to Qamar sahab for calling spade a spade.


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