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Sexual Harassment at Abbasi Shaheed Hospital EXPOSED

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Mafia culture in the hospitals of Pakistan has reportedly increased to a dangerous level. Hospitals that used to be considered as the safest places on earth are gradually becoming the territories of political goons and thugs. Every other major hospital has reported having illegal activities going within, but no one dares to talk about it. After all, who would like to lose his job or life? Illegal organ trafficking, abortions, trading, and hoardings of medicines and medical equipment were just a few horrific things which have been reported against this politically backed mafia – but the recent divulgence of information about hospitals made me sick to the core.

Sexual Harassment at the renowned health center of Karachi – Abbasi Shaheed Hospital

Recently Dr. Salma Kausar, the director of Abbasi Shaheed Hospital Karachi, has come forward to make some shocking revelations regarding the sexual harassment of female staff and patients by the mafia at the health facility.

Mafia have taken control of Abbassi Shaheed Hospital KarachiYeh Doctor sahiba ka bhi Ahtisab hona chahiyhe bohot salo say she is on this position ,enjoying all privileges .

Geplaatst door Irum Azeem Farooque op Dinsdag 8 september 2020

Talking to a private news channel, Dr. Kausar revealed that since she joined, a ‘group’ at Abbasi Shaheed Hospital had become quite active and started harassing her. “At first they victimized me and my family. They ran very bad things after stealing pictures of my daughter from Facebook”

 Dr. Salma Kausar said that she later found out that the Mafia was not only threatening her but also harassing her nursing staff by morphing their pictures. 

 “There’s a mafia here which steals our AC wires – they steal the hospital’s medicine even if a medicine is available for patients [at the hospital], they prescribe them other medicines and get a commission,” said Dr. Kausar.

In addition to that, she made another revelation that not only lower staff but some senior Doctors are also a part of this ‘Mafia’. “Our doctors are involved in it – some members of the administration are also involved” Dr. Kausar stated.

According to the director these people have destroyed the hospital and threatened those who try to speak against their practices. She mentioned that she had informed the Rangers and Police Officials regarding her being victimized and harassment of the female staff but these individuals are somehow being backed by the Political figures.

Dr.Kausar revealed that not only staff but this Mafia also doesn’t even spare female patients and their attendants. “They acquire pictures of the staff and morph them. They even call the female staff into their rooms and intrude into theirs”

“I do not know whether I’ll be here tomorrow” – Dr. Kausar stated. She said I was threatened to death previously. “I was told that ‘stay safe madam, doctors have been killed here in the corridors previously. Someone might not kill you” Said Dr. Kausar.

These revelations were not only shocking but scary. I’m sick and disgusted to even think about the molestation those female workers have to face every day at Abbasi Shaheed. We demand the higher authorities to give protection to Dr. Salma Kausar and launch an operation at Abbasi Shaheed Hospital against the culprits as this place is not only becoming a threat to the honor of the female staff and patients, but also to the lives of many people admitted there for treatments.

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