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Shameless Pakistanis Are Now Joining Indian App Alternate to TikTok and Giving Revenue to Indian Govt

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Since the India-China war took place, the fight is not only being fought on the borders but on the Governmental level as well. To take out their frustration over China, for being a strong hand at brawl, they decided to boycott the Chinese market and product. All the Chinese manufactured items are being proscribed to express detest against China.

Not only have that, but the Chinese Digital Market has also faced criticism and declared banned for the Indian Users. The act, which basically took place to harm the economic infrastructure of China, ends up damaging the Indian public on the worst accounts, especially the embargo on the Chinese video Making App, TikTok has caused the Indian Public great suffering.

Tiktok is a short video making app which principally falls into the entertainment genre but was serving as a monetary generating platform for Indians. By making short ads, and promoting products, the youth of India was earning enough and getting opportunities to work with media giants of Industry, and this sudden ban somehow desolate them. To combat their loss, the Indian Government came up with the idea of their own video making App, MX TakaTak, which is similar to Tiktok in functions and features.

Shameless Pakistanis Headed To Join Indian App amid TikTok Ban in Pakistan

Recently, like India, Pakistan also banned TikTok, but for completely different reasons. Here, the decision to put a temporary stoppage to Tiktok was due to the upsurge in complaints regarding immoral and obscene content.

Amidst this ban, some cheap Pakistani TikTokers, yearning for fame and money became so desperate that they crawled towards MX TakaTak. They joined an Indian app shamelessly without giving it a second thought to the atrocity they are becoming a part of.

How TikTokers Are Now Helping Indian Government in Generating Revenue?

MX TakaTak is an indigenously made Indian App, and like any other app, it is providing huge monetary benefits to its makers. In a nutshell, free apps also made money using 11 app monetizing strategies such as Advertising, Subscription, Selling Merchandise, In-app purchases, Sponsorship, etc. According to a report, last year Tiktok reported having $75 billion valuations. The app in fact earned so much revenue that Bytedance, the company which owns Tiktok crowned as the most valuable startup. Now Indian app MX TakaTak is having around 10 million daily users which asserts more revenue and money.

This money, one way or another, would be credited in the accounts of the Indian Government, and would later be used to fund their armed forces, which are carrying out barbarity and oppression In Kashmir, to fund the militants in Pakistan to execute their filthy plans against the nation and to fund the Indian military to buy more ammunition. Next time, if any of our soldiers die from their bullet, don’t forget to look out for the droplets on his blood on your hand.

To all those desperate TikTokers joining Indian app to help them generate more money, Sharam Bech ke Kha Gaye Ho?

How can one be so insensitive to fund the nation, carrying out filthy propaganda against your country? Who is killing your people? Who is oppressing your brothers in Kashmir? Don’t you have any responsibility for them? They are banning your products, channels, celebs, and yet you are, like beggars approaching them, merely for fame and money? Doob Ke Marjao

To all those TikTokers who are sincere to their country and have some sense of patriotism left in them, kindly unfollow this app right away. And not only that report this to PTA and asked them to Ban it because we Pakistani would not help them with a single penny, only to get used against us.

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