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Shia Cleric Insulted “Sahabah” During Hate Speech – Netizen Wants Him Arrested

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Islam is indeed a religion of amity and “peace” but Muslims aren’t. We are always in search of reasons to fight, to create the mess, to throw deadly ‘speech bombs’ on to each other, etc. and this applies ‘specially’ on the Muslims of India and Pakistan. Muslim community of Pakistan is divided into several big and small groups and rarely you would see them staying at peace with each other. Normally, when there are two groups they have differences of opinion, arguments, debates, disagreements, etc. Here we attack each other with Fatwa, insults, attacks on one’s beliefs and offending figures that one holds dear or utterly respectable, and my humble apologies but most of the Shia brothers are the masters of spreading hate and attacking Sunni’s in their hate speeches. They never let go of any chance to disrespect Sahaba Karam R.A or abuse Sunni for their beliefs.

Recently a video went viral of a famous Shia cleric Asif Raza Alvi in whch he insulted the great Khalifa and the beloved companion of Rasool Allah (S.A.W), Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique R.A by calling him Kaafir(abusive word for a non-believer) in his hate speech during recalling some event In Majlis.

Maaz-ALLAH… This blasphemy caused an uproar in the Sunni community which was obvious. The whole Sunni community unites on one page to bash this slanderer and demanded to arrest him under article 298b of the constitution of Pakistan. When this news hits the social media the reaction of netizens were no different.

Seriously, just because you have issues regarding someone’s belief, you feel it accurate to commit blasphemy regarding such respected Islamic figures? Curse on such ignorant people. That comes no more under hurting sentiments, its a clear case of spreading terrorism.

Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique is one of the closest and dearest companions of Muhammad (S.A.W), HIS father-in-law, and his only mate throughout the loneness in Ghar – e – Hira. He also has the privilege to rest beside Rasool ALLAH (S.A.W) in Medina along with another nobel Khalifa and Sahabi Hazrat Umar Farooq. They say whoever touched by Rasool ALLAH (S.A.W) is blessed forever, and Rasool ALLAH (S.A.W) spent a whole big-time with Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique R.A and kept him dear and beloved, and surely may ALLAH’s wrath be all upon them who speak ill about Sahabas and Ahl e Bayt.

The month of Muharram is here. It’s a month of mourning and remembering the sacrifices of Ahl e Bayt in Karbala. My request is to kindly remember the event of Karbala, but don’t try to create another one in the name of Islam.

Maya SH

Maya SH

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