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Shibli Faraz determined to bring legislation for welfare of masses

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Federal Minister for information Shibli Faraz on Saturday has shown determination to bring legislation in the parliament for reforms and welfare of the people.

He was addressing a press conference in Islamabad. He said that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has now emerged as the largest party both in the National Assembly and the Senate. He pointed out that in the last two and a half years, the opposition parties obstructed our legislation in the Upper House.

He added that we respect parliament and we can only restore its dignity if it decides in the interest of the people. He said we are ready to sit with the opposition on the matters of economic, electoral, and judicial reforms.

Furthermore, Shibli Faraz talked about Pakistan’s economy, saying the economy is gaining strength as a result of our policies. We have stabilized the economy. He said the country is witnessing record remittances. He said the government is fully cognizant of inflation and Prime Minister Imran Khan is daily monitoring the situation. He said targeted subsidies will be given to deserving families.

Apart from that, he added that the government has taken practical steps for the uplift of the areas neglected in the past. He said South Balochistan was recently given a package of 632 billion rupees whilst the tribal districts have also been given a budget for development. He said it is also the first time in history that a candidate from the tribal districts was elected as the Deputy Chairman Senate.

On the contrary, Shibli Faraz criticized the opposition parties, warning that o NRO will be given to the corrupt political leaders.

He regretted that the opposition parties are now trying to make controversial the election of Chairman and Deputy Chairman Senate. The elections were held in a free and transparent manner and that these were not influenced, he added.

He further said the opposition parties will have to see beyond their personal vested interests. He said these parties may go ahead with their planned long march but they will not get any support from the masses. He said those in the PDM have conflicting interests and they stabbed each other in the elections of Chairman and Deputy Chairman Senate.


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