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Sindh government announces to lift lockdown, starting 9 august

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Sindh lift lockdown

The Sindh government has issued a notification to revised COVID-19 restrictions for the province as the country battles the fourth wave.

According to details, the Sindh government has announced to lift the lockdown in the province. The Sindh Department has issued a new notification from Monday, August 9, to August 31.

Under the revised notification, the following will apply:

  • Market and business activities may continue till 8pm. This includes standalone grocery stores, fish and meat shops, vegetable and fruit vendors, e-commerce and bakeries.
  • Essential services allowed to open longer. These include pharmacies, medical facilities, vaccination centres, petrol pumps, milk shops and tandoors.
  • Indoor dining will not be allowed.
  • Outdoor dining is allowed for a maximum of 300 people till 10pm under strict coronavirus safety precautions.
  • Takeaway and home delivery are allowed 24/7, subject to following of safety measures with staff and delivery personnel fully vaccinated.
  • Indoor weddings banned.
  • Outdoor weddings allowed with a maximum of 300 guests till 10pm with strict enforcement of safety protocols.
  • Shrines to remain closed.
  • Cinemas to remain closed.
  • Indoor gatherings, including cultural, musical, religious events prohibited.
  • Outdoor gatherings allowed for a maximum of 300 guests with strict enforcement of safety protocols.
  • Contact sports banned.
  • Gyms to allow only vaccinated individuals.
  • Offices to only call 50% staff to work.
  • Public transport to run on sanctioned routes with 50% occupancy and staff fully vaccinated. Snacks are not allowed on board the vehicles.
  • Railway services to continue with 50% occupancy, subject to enforcement of strict safety protocols and vaccination of all staff.
  • Amusement parks, swimming pools and water sports facilities to remain closed.
  • Public parks to remain open subject to the following of safety measures.
  • Tourism activities to only be allowed for vaccinated individuals.
  • Domestic airlines to no longer serve meals or snacks.
  • Wearing of masks compulsory at all public places.

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