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Son Beating up Old Mother – Pakistanis Are Literally Crying

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We often hear that a Mother is the most beautiful gift of GOD to mankind. In Islam, a Mother’s status is so high that even ALLAH S.W.T refers to Mother’s love to show HIS affection for his worshippers. Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H said that the heaven lies under the feet of Mother, but have you ever saw someone setting his heaven on fire with his own hands? Unfortunately, there are some wretched people alive on the face of the earth, who have lost their chances to make it to heaven and also their rights to be called HUMAN.

Yesterday a video went viral on the social media that shattered many hearts into pieces. A young man was brutally beating his old mother along with his wife, while his sister was shouting and pledging him to stop. This unfortunate event took place in Rawalpindi.

The video escalated quickly and spread like a wildfire over social media, raising furor amongst the Nation. Zoobia Ameer, who made this video revealed that the old lady in the video was her mother Gulnaz Bibi, who was beaten by her son, Arsalan.

Zoobia in her video said that “You must have watched by now what happened in my house. My brother Arsalan Qureshi and his wife Bisma used to fight with me and my mother on a day to day basis. Yesterday evening, my brother over an argument with my mother, thrashed her mercilessly and abused her while his wife Bisma was standing behind, supporting him. He hit me with a wiper as well on which my mother broke the windshield of his car with the same wiper and collapsed on the road” Ameer revealed that after beating Gulnaz Bibi, Arsalan called his In-Laws and swept all the treasure and property and fled away.

Zoobia, in a conversation with a news anchor of a private news channel, confessed that this is not the first time they did this. This has happened before that’s why I decided to make a video otherwise no one would have believed us.

Social media users are in great pain and anger after experiencing this unfortunate incident. The nation is literally weeping at the dishonor and degradation of one of the purest blessing of ALLAH.

How unfortunate it is that a mother who brought this ill fated man into this world by enduring so much pain, has now become the reason of his pain in this world. Gulnaz Bibi was not only Zoobia’s mother but was our mother as well and we demand justice for her on an immediate basis


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