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Son Cut Father’s Throat over PUBG

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The dope of online infamous game Player Unknown Battleground commonly known as PUBG is engulfing the entire world into its hangover and tipsiness. This Chinese gaming app which is famous worldwide for its rough play has proved out to be fatal for many families. PUBG has claimed several precious lives in India and Pakistan.

Many young kids, drowned in depression and anxiety have committed suicides and end their lives in appalling ways. Recently, another case of PUBG –Craze reported from India, which is horrific and ghastly to the core.

Son Slashed Open Father’s Throat after He Asked Him to STOP Playing PUBG:

This news reported from the Meerut district of Uttar Pradesh, India where a young boy slashed open his father’s throat in anger.

According to the sources, the incident was reported from the A-One colony in the Jamnagar area at Kharkoda, where the young kid Amir attacked his father and slashed open his throat. The reason behind this ghastly crime is saying to be his craze for the PUBG game. As per the reports, Amir was a PUBG fanatic, a thing which was unaccepted by his father. Irfan, Amir’s father used to scold him over his excessive screen-time but Amir refused to listen.

On the day of the incident, Amir was playing his game as usual when his father approached and start bashing him. Upset Amir, got tired up of daily wigs, and decided to revolt. He took a big knife and slashed open his father’s throat. While making another horrendous move, Amir slashed himself in the neck and fell on the floor.

Soon the police approached the crime scene and shifted the dad-son duo to the Meerut Medical hospital where both are in critical condition, swaying between life and death. The family of the victims also claimed that Amir was also addicted to drugs and already undergoing treatment.

The Menacing Effects of PUBG on Society

Imagine, a game; carrying some controls, graphics and story have taken this guy to such an extent where he found it ‘justified’ to attack his father and himself. Imagine, what pressure he must be feeling on his mind and soul. Last days, 3 boys in Pakistan have committed suicide over PUBG because they were under severe depression. And yet some ‘technology freedom’ lovers, calls a ban on PUBG unjustified and an effort to put a stoppage on the growing tech.

Is this call growing? Yeah, I think it is. Technology is indeed growing in Pakistan but the lives of the youth using it are decreasing gradually. No, I’m not an anti-tech hippie soul, but yes I have reservations about the ways technology is being used.

Even if you come up with the argument that millions are playing PUBG, and if few are dying, which implies a weak nervous system. Ok, even for a moment if I concur to this, still the depression and many other psychological issues caused by the online games and especially the battle-ready games are undeniable. It causes a lack of sleep, confusion, and in severe cases, anxiety and hallucination.

To all the kids out there indulged in PUBG n things, you are brave and smart enough to understand that this is not you. This is FAKE. It is just a game and not a matter of life and death, grow up. And also all the parents out there, you need to address this issue carefully and softly. They are under stress over something already, they are not in their best mental form right now. Try to be their friends and make them understand this politely, to prevent from any worst outcome.

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