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Son Murders Father For Giving More ‘Attention’ To New Step-Mom

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Second marriages in Pakistan often face strong criticism and reproval. Despite being legal and allowed in Sharia’, it’s still deemed as a matter of taboo and gets not much encouragement from the society and family. Especially if a man already had a family from its 1st marriage, then 2nd marriage often proved out to be troublesome for him. Family, especially young kids find it hard to accept it. While some people openly express their anger and detestation, some suppress the hate that burns like a fire within, and bursts out like lava one day. Something similar happened in Punjab.

Son Murders Father For Spending More Time with Step-Mother

This appalling incident occurred in Punjab, where a young man killed his 68-years old father for giving more attention to his second wife and her children. According to the investigation, the crime took place in Gujrat some days before and today the man got arrested for the crime.

As per the details given by the investigating team, the old man was shot in the head twice in his sleep. His son, the prime suspect registered a murder case against unidentified people to mislead the investigators.

However, during the investigation, evidence surfaced, which pointed fingers directly towards his son. Moreover, amid the probe, police also inquired from the neighbors and locals of the area about the case, to which the residents gives shocking details about the man’s son. They told the police that the boy is a drug addict and also involved in many immoral activities.

Acquiring enough pieces of evidence, Police detained the son and investigate. Regarding the son’s interrogation, a local police officer stated: “The son confessed to the crime. He said that he killed his father because he used to give more attention and love to his second wife and children”

The boy further confessed that after killing his father, he had also planned to murder other family members (the second wife and her children). According to the reports, the police also found the murder weapon in the possession of the son. Following the confession and the finding of the evidence, the police arrested the son and registered a case against him.

Well, indeed this incident was appalling and unaccepted, while I’m also thinking about his father’s negligence towards his son. Where was he when his son was getting into drugs and immoral activities? His act clearly defines that he was deprived of his father’s attention and took this extreme step after his aching heart.

No, I’m not supporting his act, which is truly condemnable and whatsoever it was his father. He could have left the place, he could have cut ties with him but what he chose was disgusting. But what I’m trying to convey is that parents should understand the feelings of their kids. They should know that their decisions could leave a greater impact on their lives, and should be sensitive towards their feelings and emotions.

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