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Story of a man who destroyed 16 Indian tanks!

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How tragic is this, that all over the world. People talk about the military achievements of military personnel that have high ranks and authority. But, often overlook the contributions of the lower ranks. However, today I will narrate to you the story of a man who destroyed 16 Indian tanks in a single battle!

We’re going to celebrate the bravery of Shaheed Muhammad Hussain Janjua, also known as Sowar Muhammad Hussain Shaheed.

However, before we get into the details of how single-handedly he destroyed 16 tanks of the enemy. Let’s have a look at his overall military career and early life.

Military career and Early life:

Shaheed Muhammad Hussain Janjua was born on 18th June 1949 in Dhok Pir Rawalpindi.

He enrolled in the military as a teenager for the position of a military driver in 1966.

Moreover, after finishing his training, he joined 20 Lancers.

Furthermore, he’s the only soldier awarded with the highest-ranking award of Pakistan Armed Forces: Nishan-e-Haider.

Now the question is, how did a man who enrolled in for the position of driver manage to destroy 16 tanks single-handedly? Well, you’ll find your answers in the following paragraph.

The man who destroyed 16 tanks:

As you read above that Shaheed Hussain Janjua was initially enrolled in the military as a driver. So, what happened that gave him command of such impressive gallantry skills?

Well, Hussain was a very keen soldier from the start. He voluntarily took part in every military battle of his unit.

This practice of his gained him immense military experience. Thus, making it clear that he wasn’t just a driver.

He was much more than that. And on 10th December 1971. He got the chance to show that to the whole world.

Indo-Pak war and the story of a man who destroyed 16 tanks:

The Indo-Pak war was one of the most hostile and intense wars between the two countries.

Pakistan had lost the support of its people in East Pakistan: which later on led to the separation of East Pakistan.

And also resulted in the emergence of a new Muslim country by the name of Bangladesh.

Nonetheless, Pakistani soldiers wanted to make sure that no harm comes to the civilians of their country.

So they did all in their power to prevent it, and a great example of that is Muhammad Hussain Janjua.

Muhammad Hussain Janjua delivered ammunition to the army trenches in the Zafarwal-Shakargarh during the Indo-Pak war.

But 10th December 1971 was the day when he decided to take a dangerous initiative of stopping the tanks of the Indian Army.

He started to take precise aims of the tanks of the enemy and fire the recoilless rifles towards them.

His aim was so accurate that he ended up destroying 16 tanks of the enemy single-handedly. Which later proved to be an important contribution to the defense of his country.


He was martyred during the Indo-Pak 1971 war in the village of Harar Khurd. When his chest received a fatal burst of the enemy’s machine gun.

We can say without a doubt that Shaheed Muhammad Hussain was a brave man. As well as an outstanding soldier. Indeed an unusual and remarkable story!

Ending remarks:

We always read about our national heroes in the books. But we usually overlook their contributions and sacrifices.

Perhaps, because our leaders don’t think it’s as important, or maybe it seems boring to read about them and their sacrifices.

Which, in my eyes is an injustice to their sacrifices.

We should be grateful for the fact that the soldiers of this country are the reason for our safety.

And so the least we can do to thank them is spreading their story and appreciate it.

Therefore, we must. take some initiative to make our upcoming generations remember and value the sacrifices of our military heroes.

This article is just one example of that, we can do much more collectively!


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