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Higher Education Commission: Budget To Be Increased

Posted by - June 17, 2021

Higher Education Commission (HEC) conducted an initial assessment which showed that most of the universities in Pakistan are not well-equipped for online teaching platform. Out of a total of 205 universities, only 40 of them had well-established universities. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, universities have been using online education mode to protect their faculty members, students

Heart inflammation in young men higher than expected after Pfizer, Moderna vaccines -U.S. CDC

Posted by - June 11, 2021

WASHINGTON: A higher-than-expected number of young men have experienced heart inflammation after their second dose of the mRNA COVID-19 shots from Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna, according to data from two vaccine safety monitoring systems, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said on Thursday. The CDC and other health regulators have been investigating heart

PM Khan to increase amount allocated in budget for higher education

Posted by - May 21, 2021

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday has chaired a meeting on the promotion of higher education in the country. According to the details, the meeting presented proposals for increasing resources for higher education. Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the promotion of higher education will be the stepping stone to the country’s development. PM Khan

Carmaker to raise prices to tackle higher costs

Posted by - March 22, 2021

BENGALURU: Maruti Suzuki India will raise prices for different car models in April, its second increase in 2021, due to a rise in various input costs, the automaker said on Monday. India’s auto sector was already seeing weak demand and higher costs when the COVID-19 pandemic dealt a blow last March. Since then, carmakers have

UK COVID-19 variant has significantly higher death rate

Posted by - March 11, 2021

Reuters On Mar 10, 2021 Last updated Mar 10, 2021 LONDON: A highly infectious variant of COVID-19 that has spread around the world since it was first discovered in Britain late last year is between 30% and 100% more deadly than previous dominant variants, researchers said on Wednesday. In a study that compared death rates

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