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TikTok users are teaching iPhone owners how to screenshot an entire webpage

Posted by - March 15, 2021

Today in “things we learned on the internet,” TikTok users are sharing a handy iPhone screenshotting tip. Did you know you could screenshot an entire webpage on your phone, then save it as a PDF and revisit its contents whenever your little heart desires? Full-page screenshotting is a super simple and helpful trick, yet I,

Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro Max contains 3,687 mAh battery

Posted by - October 21, 2020

Owing to a listing on China’s TENAA agency, we now have the iPhone 12 Pro Max’s battery size. The iPhone 12 has modest performance gains and a superior RAM capacity. The biggest iPhone till date has a cell with a capacity of 3,687 mAh. This is 282 mAh less than last year’s iPhone 11 Pro

Xiaomi Redmi is launching its own version of iPhone soon

Posted by - October 19, 2020

Redmi is launching its products in Apple’s way, especially in terms of design, built quality and colors. Now the company has planned to launch a product which looks like an Apple’s iPhone Mini. This time there is no difference in Redmi. As iPhone Mini has started circulating on the internet. Wang Teng Redmi’s Product Director

Samsung Makes Fun of Apple For Not Including Charger In iPhone 12

Posted by - October 15, 2020

Apple’s iPhone 12 series 4 phones have been introduced this week and Samsung has trolled Apple through a post on social media. Samsung seems to have enjoyed in the post that Apple has decided not to provide chargers and earphones with the new iPhones. The user will not get an earphone or wall charger with

Apple Launches new iPhone 12 With 5G Revolution

Posted by - October 14, 2020

Today Apple Store is down, which means it’s just a few short hours until the Oct. 13 Apple live stream event, where the iPhone 12 is expected to be launched.  A new dark blue color just launched today, and some prices and dates released last Friday. Leaker Kang told this Friday that Apple will release four phones in the iPhone

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