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A New Operation “Cyclone” Has Been Planted To Counter Imran Khan And Create A New Political Force In The Country . Media Reports

Posted by - August 7, 2022

According to some reports, an operation cyclone is being planned to create a new political force in the country. It can be a new political party or an alliance that would eventually form the future government in Pakistan. Few journalists and ex servicemen have disclosed this information. The spokesperson of the ex servicemen forum, Major

Imran Khan Agrees To Sign The Charter Of Economy

Posted by - July 28, 2022

As the country is passing through perennial times, and economic reforms are the need of the hour, there were news of a charter of economy in the market. A recent development regarding the Charter Of Economy is that Former Prime Minister Imran Khan has agreed to sign the charter of economy. The charter of economy

“Shehbaz Sharif This Nation Isn’t Beggar, You Are!” Says Imran Khan

Posted by - July 15, 2022

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday said that Sharifs and Zardaris are begging for more than three decades. He said that shoe polishers like Shehbaz Sharif are favourites of America. He added that, “Pakistani Nation is an Independent and zealous nation, however the leaders like sharifs and zardaris are beggers. That’s why US always

Lahore High Court Issues Orders To Release Imran Riaz Khan On Bail

Posted by - July 9, 2022

Lahore High Court issues orders to release the senior journalist Imran Riaz Khan on bail. The orders of release were issued on Saturday. Imran Riaz Khan was arrested in several cases including treason. Many journalists including Arif Hameed Bhatti greeted Imran Riaz. Speaking after getting bail, Imran Riaz Khan turned emotional as he mentioned the

12 cool classes to take on Khan Academy for free

Posted by - July 8, 2022

There were times I’d be sitting in my college classes frantically scribbling away in my notebook, hand cramping, making sure I had every note from the lecture recorded for when I’d have to study for the inevitable exam. Every now and again I’d look around the lecture hall and notice one or two people just

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