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Govt to bear medical expenses of Pakistan’s second tallest man

Posted by - September 18, 2021

KARACHI: The Sindh government will bear the expenses of treatment of Pakistan’s second tallest man Naseer Soomro, according to a notification issued by the health department. Soomro, who is seven foot nine inches, is said to be suffering from a chronic lung disease. Taking notice of his ill health, Sindh Health Minister Dr Azra Fazal

Man gets Kim Jong-Un style haircut as video goes viral

Posted by - September 14, 2021

A hilarious viral video showing a person with a haircut exactly like North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un has gone viral. The video, posted on Reddit, shows the barber and his customer laughing uncontrollably while looking at the mirror. The user, who uploaded the viral clip, gave a caption that seemed like a proper business

Australia man ties bedsheets together to escape 4th floor hotel quarantine

Posted by - September 11, 2021

SYDNEY: A man in the Australian city of Perth escaped mandatory quarantine in a hotel by scaling down a rope made of tied-together bedsheets from a fourth-floor window, police said on Tuesday. After arriving in the West Coast city on an interstate flight from Brisbane, the man had his application for entry refused under the

Honor Killing in Mianwali, two females killed by man: police

Posted by - September 10, 2021

Two sisters were shot and killed by their brother in an assumed honor killing case in Mianwali, citing police officials. Whereas, the suspect has fled from the scene. The assassination took place in the Tariqabad neighborhood of Paplan city, where a young man named Raheel Sheikh shot and killed his two sisters in the name

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