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Teesra Raasta – The 3rd Option To Save Pakistan

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Little do I know what did happen before 1960, but whatever happened after the epoch of 1980, is all neoteric in our minds. Regrettably, we don’t learn from our pasts. What goes with common people! Either they are stuck under the concerns for their livelihoods or are silent for being the beneficiaries of the ruling tribe.

They say that Institutions have institutional memories, and no matter how many liege lords may come or go, but the institutions always take their decisions in accordance with it. But unfortunately, our system couldn’t be able to determine its path in the light of its experiences.
Reminiscence goes back to the last months of the year 1992.

I’ve asked a relative, who was playing a furtive yet pivotal role in the Karachi Operations, that what made them take such strict actions against MQM, and why they feel the need to form MQM H?  He said that Altaf Hussain is working on Anti-Pakistan agenda and before things slip out of our hands, Institution decided to stop him, and also by acquiring few key men from his party, who could control Karachi, we formed Haqeeqi.
“Then why you let him (Altaf Hussain) flee away to London, wasn’t he got halted at the airport?”

The answer was that Hussain ‘gave assurances’, that he would stay away from the politics & it suited us too (As killing him would have made him the ‘Lord’ in eyes of people), and jail would have made him more powerful; so believing on his promise, we let him go.
At that time, I told him that there was a ‘Third Way’, which could have been acquired by taking legal actions against him while fulfilling those promises that made him possess the power; end this destitution, and the public would have supported you. This MQM H formula is never going to work, I suggest. To which he asserted that this formula will surely succeed.  
Time has proven that the thinking of our Institution was wrong

The “third way” was the only solution. As long as he was alive, I’d always taunt him about this meeting. What General Musharraf’s policy gave to Karachi is recent history. The question is, why did General Musharraf act against the conclusion reached by the institution during the time of General Asif Nawaz?

The locomotion of MQM in the regime of corrupt ruling elite parties (PPP and PML-N) was penetrable, as they used to gather votes from urban areas, and thus become the compulsion of every government. Whenever the establishment would want to dislodge any government, they used to offer their shoulder to appear as a ‘good boy’ to the system.
But again the question arises that what made General Musharraf so helpless and feeble? Why did he defer the Intel of his organization and made the institution so much reliant on Altaf, that we have witnessed those time as well when a 2 star Gen used to wait outside the London Secretariat for Hussain. Who is on the victory stand today, Asif Nawaz, or Musharraf?
Again, time proved that whatever results have been assessed by the establishment in early 1990 were correct and Musharraf made a dire mistake.

I belong from that generation where you could be a Rightwinger or a Leftist, and I was one of those people whose thinking revolves around: Love for Pakistan, Hate for India and Kashmir Is Our Infrangible Part

And Unwavering trust in armed forces
1990, we were told that Government is corrupt – ‘we submit’
In 1993, again we were told that the Government is corrupt – we again submitted to their stance. But what turned out to be a mental shock for us was the return of the same figures (Zardari, Benazir) in power. When we dared to ask why they shut slammed us with the answer that they have repented and become ‘Good Kids’– Out of every possible option, we had to submit ourselves to this as well.

The country has been gradually getting on the verge of destruction and we were bound to condone them. Then one day they made us get rid of that corrupt clique. But then the power got shifted and handed over to the corrupt, hoodlum Sharif family. Upon asking, they served us with the same answer that the Sharifs have become ‘Good Boys’, as well but again, the same thing happened that has been happening for 15 years, and Pakistan began to rapidly fall towards demolition.
The decade of 90 passed amidst the heartwarming slogans of:
“Saleem Ullah, Kaleem Ullah, Kaleem Ullah Saleem Ullah”
And “there will be strict accountability” etc, and amongst these, we have begun to lose our trust in the democratic process.

Then we saw the time when General Musharraf came into power. Where Benazir Bhutto was celebrating his victory (pining for another chance), the people took sighs of relief for getting rid of both the dishonest and amoral political dynasty, and become hopeful for the rigorous accountability this time.

From 1999-2002, the nation was contented and happy, even though there was a surge in unemployment as the black money, which is still considered as the backbone of our economy,  was halted by the people due to the fear of General Amjad’s NAB. Yet people were pleased that at least the accountability is taking place in the country which was strict and across the board.
Then soon the time came when the Doctrine of necessity becomes efficacious.

There were some External pressure demanding for the Democracy, as well as some internal state affairs and coercion from the Business Community to retrieve the work, hence the restoration of democracy.
The PML-N gave birth to ‘Q’ League (corrupt Chaudhry brothers) and PPP hatched patriot, Altaf Hussain. While sitting in Hussain’s feet, and to make fool out of us, they declared him as ‘Good boy’ of the league, and along with the clique of Religious parties, they gave birth to a new ‘Democracy’
Though, there was a ‘Third Way’.

Third way… which could have been acquired by making electoral reforms, conducting open and fair elections to make the democracy thrive.
But rather than making the decision based on Institutional Memory, Gen Mushraf along with few opted for the same cliché-ridden formula and the repercussions came out as the destruction of Pakistan.
The endmost words from General Musharraf’s final speech still echo in my mind “ Pakistan ka ALLAH hi Hafiz”.

Whereas for the sake of welfare and survival of the country and to get rid of General Musharraf, General Kiyani should have taken the ‘third way’ by following his Institutional memory but instead, he decided to get the medicine from the same “Attaar Ke Launday”, who did not only wrecked and ravaged the country, but also cause damage to the ethics of the society.
Though for the first time in Pakistan’s political history, the third political force was in the field but unfortunately Gen Kyani decided to go with same failed game plan.

Then these eyes have witnessed, a man with an extremely rotten and stinking past, has held the chair and not only become the President of Pakistan but a very powerful president, like General Musharraf.
Asif Zardari who accused the Ex Army Chief of killing his wife has been made commander in chief Pakistan’s Armed Forces.
Zardari destroyed the economy of Pakistan and lobbied against the military by appointing traitor like Hussain Haqqani as an ambassador of the United States.

Then according to General Kiyani’s formula, the next elections have been gift-wrapped and given to Nawaz Sharief who reached the gallows in the case of hijacking the plane of the Army Chief.
Neither they once thought that a person whose past has witnessed him destroying the institutions of the country and wanted to convert Pak Army into Punjab Police. Not only that, but he has also ordered then IG, to arrest the Army Chief upon his landing in the country Nawaz was vocal against Army, ISI

Such a person was trusted and was made powerful Prime Minister, and the result is before us all now.
The country was running on the golden rule of ‘Muk muka se kaam chala’. The corruption was rampant, cartels and business mafias have begun to rule the country, and institutions were destroyed. Thanks to the 10-year rule of the corrupt gang that we had been stuck in the FATF.
Out of every option, the third political force had been selected. Whereas to maintain the trail of democracy, rather than creating a ‘good kid’ of politics, and giving him a chance by fielding him in the third force, the third force should have been allowed to run a contest on its own.
Panama Leaks was the best opportunity provided by Allah that Pakistan has got ridden by the Nawaz-Zardari families, and their cronies would have reached to their logical conclusion, but either due to the International pressure and sometimes for the theory of necessity; the corruption cases could not be made to the conclusions.  

The Zardari who not only destroyed Pakistan’s economy lobbied against the military and state institutions in the United States through traitors like Hussain Haqqani who did not only deliberately destroyed Pakistan’s economic hub Karachi in hostility but still committing heinous crimes today. Yet that Zardari, does not only have the government of Sindh, but his descendants are also being groomed and prepared to rule the state of Pakistan in the future.

However, by joining the PDM, Zardari’s descendants have proved that he is a “good kid” of the politics as long as he is involved in the game of power, otherwise, no one will be worse off
Time had evinced that the wounded Nawaz Sharif had proved to be dangerous for Pakistan. The same Nawaz Sharif, who was trusted, taken out of jail again, and allowed to flee to London, has become the biggest national security threat of Pakistan today.

State institutions should take the real pulse of the people as the public is not that naive to trust Dacoit Zardari or Nawaz Sharif, and consider them and their children as leaders again.
We the people hate them very much. We want to see them in jails. If you ask the general public today, they will blame the army and the judiciary for everything.

Ask them about Nawaz that how he went to London and People will take the name of the army and judiciary.
Ask why Maryam is not in jail. The people will take the name of the army and judiciary
Ask why Zardari has not gone to jail yet and why Bilawal has been declared innocent. People will name the army and the judiciary.
Ask them how the corrupt businessman mafia who was badly trapped in General Amjad’s NAB, is enjoying freedom outside, the blame would be on the army and judiciary.

Ask the people what they think, that how big robber like Malik Riaz escapes the law? The Financial Crimes Unit in the UK declares Malik Riaz’s money as illegal and hands it over to Pakistan, but no question has been asked. Why? The blame again would lie with the military and the judiciary.
It is the country’s media that does not cover Malik Riaz and yet the blame lies with the army Where on one hand, those who fed on the pieces of the Army, are targeting the institutions now, and on the other hand, the lack of action against the corrupt ruling elite and the corrupt business mafia is tarnishing the image of the army among the people.

Believe me, such allegations are misleading the people against their state institutions and if it is not curbed, then God Forbid, irreparable damage will be done.

We are ready to endure more hardship and travails, but we do not accept to tolerate people like Zardari, Sharif, and Malik Riaz.
Our blood boils when we see Nawaz going to London; when we witness Mariam Nawaz hurling abuse at Army in meetings instead of being in jail and when we see Zardari and his kids enjoying the luxuries, depredated from us.

Our hearts ache when we see people like Malik Riaz and Iqbal Z Ahmed, who robbed trillions of rupees, sitting next to our Government & Establishment.

People like me, whose hearts are filled with love for Pakistan and devotion towards the armed forces, fell into depression.
Pakistani like I am suffering from severe mental anguish.
We are not ready for the ‘TRUCK KI BAATI’ of the presidential system; this river is too strenuous to cross ‘The Third Way’
Our state has tried everything but what never opted was the ‘third way’- Please try this time.

Trust the people, this corrupt elite will bite you again and again, but we, the people will always stand with our state with all our might. We have only one wish. RUTHLESS ACCOUNTABILITY, so that No dacoit like Zardari could become our president No dacoit like Nawaz become our Prime Minister again and no robber like Malik Riaz could rob.

Written by Muhammad Tariq (Twitter: https://twitter.com/MTkahut)

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