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Tharki Uncle Seduce a ’16-year old’ girl amidst ‘Preaching’ Islam

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In Pakistan, if you are a woman, you don’t need a reason to get bullied or harassed by some random perverts roaming around you – Even if you are covered in head to toe in a veil and covered your eyes with dark glasses, still it won’t affect the salacity of the desperate and lustful beasts around you – Sometimes, all you need is to exist, even if it means being ‘available’ online with a blank DP, this would be enough to make them attack you to satiate their lust – They won’t even care if you are a 70-year-old grandma or a minor school going, girl.

A 16-year old girl reported to get sexually harassed by an ‘Uncle’ came to teach her about Islam

Hira Shameer, a young 16-year-old girl from Rawalpindi made it to her Twitter to express her disgust over a revolting incident that recently happened to her. She revealed how an aged, bearded Mullah Type uncle sexually harassed her in her DM.

In her tweet, Hira shared a screenshot of her messages with this uncle, who seems to storm in her messages to moral police her, but with extremely disgusting intentions.

The bearded uncle messaged Hira and moral police her. He said that being a Muslim girl she isn’t supposed to post her nude pictures – Hira, baffled by his suggestion, asked him that when he saw her posting nudes and called him crazy for making assumptions about her.

Uncle doesn’t seem to be slightly bothered by Hira’s reply, asked Hira her age – To which Hira replied 16.

To which this uncle asked Hira to seek forgiveness and pray. He also said that he will pray for her as well. Well, seems like a nice gesture, isn’t it? An old pious man, donning a beard and green turban according to Sunnah, told this little girl that he will be praying for her.

Awestruck by his kind gesture, Hira complimented him by heart, but what happened next was enough to make any stomach churn in disgust.

The very next moment, this genetically-pervert, Mullah asked this 16 – year old girl if she can have sex with him – I mean seriously, are these people aware of anything called ‘Shame’?

This desperate uncle even said that he will ‘satisfy’ her. To which Hira slammed him and asked if this is how he is going to teach Islam to her. She also shamed him for talking shit with such a young girl, who’s like her daughter – Look below the conversation that this girl have shared.

Seriously? This was utterly sick and disgusting. What type of perversion and nympholepsy is prevailing in society? People say that youth is becoming deviant and lecherous, then what would you call such aged Mullahs and Uncles who don’t even spare a 16-year old girl and wants to get into her pants, using the name of Islam?

Would someone hold him accountable or this pervert would manage to escape, making a ‘pass’ out of his Sharai turban and beard? I hope that the Cyber Crime Cell would look into the matter and made this pervert rot in a jail full of Gays, as only that can make him understand the humiliation of harassment.

Maya SH

Maya SH

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