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The most transparent governance is of PTI, says Usman Buzdar

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LAHORE: Chief Minister Usman Buzdar has said the PTI will continue the journey of public service without caring about criticism and no hurdle will be tolerated to the provision of relief to the masses. 

In a statement, he asserted that the PTI government was the most transparent adding that no one would be allowed to do anything wrong. Those embroiled in the politics of allegations will have to face defeat and a new Pakistan will rise under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan. He maintained that those making hue and cry have no future adding that they, always, have remained opposed to national development. The 220 million people have also fully recognised the dual nature of such elements, he added.

The chief minister stressed the opportunity given by Almighty Allah to serve the masses was being fulfilled as a sacred obligation. The country is moving towards the right direction and anti-corona policy has proved successful, he said adding the smart lockdown has been ended with the consultation of the stakeholders but citizens should follow precautions. Wearing masks and social distancing will further improve the situation, he maintained. The credit goes to Prime Minister Imran Khan’s timely decisions that Pakistan has achieved success in overcoming the virus. The government also realised the people’s economic difficulties while working against the virus, he said. Meanwhile, opposition wasted time in point-scoring and its negative politics bitterly failed over corona, the CM concluded.


Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar has said that Major Tufail Muhammad Shaheed sacrificed his life for the protection of his country.

In his message, the CM stated that Major Tufail Muhammad Shaheed set a high example of bravery and courage and incurred heavy losses to the enemy. The nation is proud of the sacrifice rendered by him to protect the motherland. Those who sacrifice their lives for the protection of the country are the heroes of the nation, the CM added.


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