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Things a Pakistani can’t do in Azad Kashmir

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Being a citizen of State of Azad Kashmir has its perks as you can buy land anywhere in Pakistan and can take jobs in Pakistan but Pakistanis have few restrictions

  1. Can not buy any land or own any business, not even partnership with a fellow Kashmiris under Azad Kashmir constitution which clearly states “No Pakistani can buy land in Azad Kashmir under Alien act of 87”.
  2. Plus we have our own constituon, law, prime minister, president, Supreme Court, police and division of Army in Azad Kashmir Regiment.
  3. Government Jobs are exclusive to Azad Kashmiris and also we have quota in Pakistani universities and Public service commission.
  4. Can not register a vehicle in Azad Kashmir number plate
  5. One more obvious rule is you cannot vote in Elections no matter how long you have lived there.
  6. Pakistanis can marry Kashmiris but inheritance will given to domicile holder so children normally are registered as Kashmiris so they can have properties from both Parents which is not very common as Kashmiris have their own culture especially when you go near border side.

Many Pakistanis wanted to have businesses in Kashmir but had to rent shops rather than owning it. Plus Azad Kashmiri police is very strict and organised so crimes are not tolerated.

Riyasat-e-Pakistan & Riyasat-e-Azad Jammu Kashmir

There is a slight difference in ID card of AJK as compared to a Pakistani ID card, it mentions State of Azad Jammu & Kashmir but the Passport is same.

Azad Kashmir Day celebrates the 61st day of the Azad Jammu Kashmir government, created on 24 October 1947.

Do you think Azad Kashmir be merged with Pakistan so that Kashmiris and Pakistanis may reap more benefits in development and investment?


Seema Shah

Full time mother, part time blogger.

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