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This Female Cyclist Got Sexually Harassed On the Roads of Islamabad

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“I just need to ask one question – What lust of yours gets quenched by touching a girl on road”? Sanam Khan

You may be a male chauvinist, a misogynist , or a person having typical patriarchal approach but you still cannot deny the fact that sexual harassment against females is prevailing in our society more rapidly than anything. Either inside homes or on streets, either in the form of eve teasing, hooting, or getting groped by a stranger in the middle of the road, every other girl in Pakistan, have become the subject of sexual harassment at least once in her life. Most of us chose to stay quiet because of the fear of getting blamed by the hypocrite society for someone else’s sordid action – and when someone tries to speak we mock them calling #Metoo advocates.

Samar Khan – A female athlete and cyclist got sexually harassed on the roads of the Capital City, Islamabad

Another incident of sexual-street harassment occurred on the streets of Islamabad with a young female biker; Samar Khan – Khan is a young Pakistani athlete and sport trainer. She was a former delegate at U.S Department Of State Global Sports Mentoring Program and currently serving as a Goodwill ambassador at WWF-Pakistan. Samar also holds a title for being the first Pakistani Cyclist to summit the 5895 metres high Mount Kilimanjaro on her cycle

Recently, Samar shared a video on her Facebook, apprising the sexual harassment she suffered during her bike-ride on the busy streets of Islamabad

In her video, Khan express her anguish saying that she always promotes bicycling in women, but today she would like to tell them that how unsafe it is – “I won’t sugar-coat, neither will lie about it but it is not safe – you got to be savage and stubborn if you want to claim the road” said Khan.

Sharing it right now after chasing another desperate animal, another day as we women need attention, what else would we do to make our lives exciting ?? Right?#MeToo ?? Wo to bs Islam se doori ka nateeja hai!!Atleast ruka to kro haath lganay k baad, have sm balls to face that woman you harass!!Jaanwar!!

Geplaatst door Samar Khan op Woensdag 9 september 2020

She reveals how she got sexually assaulted by a man few minutes back during her cycle ride around the ‘First city’ – “I was cycling right here in Islamabad, when an office going man (on bike) approached me – he slowed down, groped me from behind, moved his hands on my back and ran awaysaid Samar

Samar said she tried to chase him down but as she was on cycle so he managed to escape. She also mentioned that she has nothing against the administration of the city neither she is blaming anyone – she just wants to ask all those sexually deprived men out there that what pleasure do they get by committing such vile acts –
“If anyone out there having this filth in his mind – I just want to ask you one question – what lust of yours get quenched just by touching a girl on the road? Does that burning desire inside you gets satiated by doing this?” Samar asked.

 In addition to that she also called out the people who saw that happening but didn’t stopped to help her – “There were 3-4 people who saw this happening but nobody tried to stop as if it was a normal thing –  Why didn’t you stop? Why you people are normalizing it”

She expressed her anguish that people are normalizing as if it’s not a big deal, and then ‘some’ men says #Metoo movement is all ‘drama’.

Samar also take a dig on Noman Ijaz who recently dismissed #Metoo movement by calling it drama and ‘Deen se doori” – “Maybe being an extreme elite class, they doesn’t even consider this act as disgusting (or harassment) as recently mentioned by Noman Ejaz –they take these ‘white collar harassment’ so casually” said Khan

It is to be noted that in his recent interview, Noman Ijaz opened about her experience that how females makes issues of petty things and call it ‘Harassment’.

In the end, Samar urge all the girls out there, who are facing any kind of harassment, to fight against the harasser and make him an example for the world.

Being a girl, I found this extremely revolting and sickening –and what was more upsetting was the behavior of the people around her. Why some people out there considers a women walking on the road, “Baap Ka Maal” and why others are okay with it? Why you are normalizing it? It is now or never for the men who experience this and chose to remain silent – be aware, next #Metoo can be from your home as well.

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