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This Famous Turkish Chef Is Coming To Pakistan

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Do you know that chef who became an internet sensation in recent years, after making gigantic sized portions of Turkish – Middle Eastern Foods? Yes, I’m talking about none other than Burak Ozdemir.

Burak Ozdemir – Famous Chef of Turkey

Burak Ozdemir commonly known as CZN Burak on social media is a famous restaurateur and chef based in Turkey. The chef is an expert in Turkish and Middle Eastern Food and is known for serving huge portions of them. Ozdemir became viral on social media when 9GAG posted his video, where he was making humongous Kebab.

The Turk chef became famous on social media after posting his videos of cooking tempting Turkish and Syrian food. From traditional Turkish dishes to burgers and Pizzas, Ozdemir loves to massive portions of everything. Once he made an entire Ostrich egg in one of his videos, which was crazy.

Another thing which made him famous is his big cute smile which he shows up while looking directly in the camera. Ozdemir never looks away from the camera. Either he is chopping things with his ‘sword’ or setting up an entire pile, the chef will be looking at you.

At the young age of 26, Burak already owned the Hatay Medeniyetler Sofrasi chain of restaurants in Turkey, which has three branches named Taksim, Aksaray, and Etiler in Istanbul.

After being famous, many celebrities visit his restaurant in Turkey, including Pakistani singer Momina Mustehsan, Indonesian singer Virdoun, and football player Mesut Ozil. Not only this, The King, Tamim of Qatar, and President of Turkey, Tayyip Erdogan also stopped by his restaurant to meet him and try his food.

Burak Ozdemir Is Coming To Pakistan

Yes, good news for his Pakistani fans. In his recent video with the famous social activist and lawyer, Hassan Niazi, Burak Ozdemir revealed that he is coming to Pakistan this month.

Look who’s planning to visit Pakistan. That too very soon. The humble and amazing CznBurak BURAK. His love for Pakistan was mesmerising. He says he wants to turkey to see Pakistan through him. #Turkey #BrotherCountry #AyeWallahBey #CznBurak

Geplaatst door Hassaan Khan Niazi op Woensdag 7 oktober 2020

In his video, Burak introduces to Niazi calling him as his ‘brother from Pakistan’ said that he is coming to Pakistan this month and will meet everyone soon. “I will come soon and I won Pakistan really”.

Posting this video to his timeline enthusiastically, Hassan Niyazi wrote: “Look who’s planning to visit Pakistan that too very soon. The humble and amazing CZN Burak”

Moreover, Niyazi said that the love of Burak for Pakistan was mesmerizing and he wants Turkey to see Pakistan through him.

Wow, he is so cute, isn’t he? I’m excited to see him in Pakistan… Are you?


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