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This Harasser Is Giving Death/Rape Threats to a Girl – Twitter Wants Him Arrested

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Cyberbullying and social media harassing are one of the ugliest forms of Sexual Harassment. Teasing, sending offensive pictures and messages, giving out no and ids, and many more things come under cyberbullying which many people don’t find alarming or serious – which in fact…is.

Many victims don’t even get the courage to speak about it. Because of the fear of victim shaming and blaming, they opt to silently take all the harassment because after all, it is just cyberbullying. Many people call it a Feminist stunt and mere stupidity to take these things seriously, just because they don’t know what ugly turn these things can take.

Recently a young girl reveals how she is being threatened and harassed for years on Social Media after refusing to have ‘relations’ with the boy

Fatima Amir, a young Pakistani girl gathered courage and finally decided to speak out against the pestering and persecution she had been facing for years – She shared her story after posting a few screenshots on an Instagram account. All the images, voice notes, and video clips she posted were narrating a horrible story. Just look at the filthy language he used for this girl.

Fatima revealed that how this guy Ibsham Zahid was forcing her into a ‘sexual relationship’ for years – and when she refused it, he started giving her threats. This shithead even stoops to such extent where he asked her to spend a night with him or he will get her father killed. Ibsham also used to send intimidating video posing with weapons just to harass Fatima. Not only her, this scumbag is threatening her family as well.

‘Ibsham Is a 16 – year old guy suffering from Mental Disorder’ – Claimed Ibhsham’s sister

Maroosh Minhaj, sister of Ibsham Zahid made it to twitter and said that her brother Ibsham was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and is highly emotionally unstable – Maroosh said that her parents are making efforts to get him medical help by professionals. She also praised Fatima for raising her voice against his brother but strangely, Fatima vehemently refused it with a reason.

Is Ibsham Being Backed Up By His Rich Family?

Fatima refused her so-called support saying that if whatever Maroosh is saying is right then why she tweaked the truth, why she lied about my sister and ibsham’s friendship, and why she twisted my mother’s statement – Fatima said that Maroosh only twisting facts and narrating a different version of the story. She revealed that Ibsham parents are aware of his condition and despite apologizing to her family, why they still didn’t halt Ibsham from using weapons and cellphones? Well, here I agree with this girl – giving a mentally unstable guy, access to the weapons and gadgets is backing him up and supporting him in his sinful deeds.

Fatima also revealed that her family complained to Police and lodge FIR twice but they did not take this case seriously and now this vile man is threatening her and her family with rape and death.

Twitteratis Wants Ibsham Zahid Behind the Bars

After Fatima’s confession, Friends and family of Fatima raised her voice on every Social Media platform to spread the word – when this reached to Twitter, the Twitteratis showed extreme outrage.

The trend #IbshamZahidBehindTheBars is fuming with hate tweets and demands from netizens to arrest this spoilt brat on an immediate basis.

Looking at all the facts, the story of Ibsham’s sister seems really shady – calling her brother a mentally unstable person and yet giving him access to cars, weapons and gadgets is an open threat to everyone around him – Imagine what is the caliber and upbringing must be of this 16-year old boy who is openly exhibiting his weapons and asking a girl to sleep with him or otherwise face the dire consequences! No kid can show this type of audacity without a big ‘Back Up’ – Well, the authentication of this story is yet to be found but if this is true then it seems that this girl’s life is really in danger and authorities should look into this matter before it gets too late.


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