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This ‘Hero’ Officer Used His Daughter As A ‘Trap’ To Catch Culprits of Kashmore Incident

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The Police of Pakistan has become notorious due to some black sheep, who have tarnished not only the name of the Police Department but of Pakistan as well. Everywhere in Pakistan, the police are deemed with suspicion and are considered a symbol of fear and dread. But this is not the truth. There are still some people in the department who are honest with their duty and can go up to any extent to execute their services.

ASI of Kashmore Used His Daughter as Bait to Catch the Culprits of Rape Incident

Recently an appalling incident has occurred in Kashmore where a group of men subjected a 4-year old girl along with her mother to the worst sexual assault ever witnessed. The cries of little Alisha and her mother made every eye wet and every heart screams in pain. The agony of the little girl made the entire nation furious and they have taken the entire social media by storm.

Where the people were condemning the incident and demanding justice for Alisha, on the other hand, they were praising ASI Muhammad Bakhsh who has restored our faith in Police and humanity.

According to the details, the culprits raped the woman and released her but held captive his daughter, Alisha. The monsters stipulated that if the woman wants her daughter back she would have to bring another girl for them to satiate their lust, otherwise they would kill her daughter.

The bereaved woman went to seek help from Kashmore Police, where the ASI Muhammad Bakhsh assured her of his full support.

He asked the woman to call the culprits and said that she has arranged the girl. This is where the brave and devoted officer introduced his own daughter to the case. He even made his daughter talk to those culprits to assure them that she is with the woman.

Only using this trick, the life of the little girl has been rescued otherwise, if they could get the slightest idea regarding police involvement in the case, they would have been killed that little kid.  

This was one brave and bold step by a police officer and a father to make his daughter talk to such filthy men who already have raped a woman a few hours ago. Just to serve the bereaved mother in the line of duty. Salutes.

Twitter Is All Praise for the Brave and Honest Officer Who Rescued Little Alisha

ASI Muhammad Bakhsh has written a new chapter of honesty, bravery, and devotion to duty. The entire nation is proud of this Hero and prays that may we get more officers like Muhammad Bakhsh.

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Maya SH

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