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Transgender Activist ‘Gulpanra’ Shot Dead – Netizen Demanding For Justice

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73 years back, Pakistan was acquired in the name of Islam but unfortunately, many Pakistani still living in the dark era of ignorance – where on one hand we speak and beat our drums for the ‘equal rights’ for male and females in the society, we often seem to ignore the community who doesn’t even get the basic ones yet. Yes – I’m talking about Transgenders. Even after decades, the soil of Pakistan has remained scorching and blistering for the poor Transsexuals

Now and then, we get to hear about the oppression and injustice served against Transgenders. A few months back, we heard about Julie; a transgender activist who was brutally beaten and arrested from her own house by some Police officials, for raising her voice against this bigot system which instead of giving rights, force them to beg and eat. The police officials tortured her brutally and locked her in all-men’s jail. Many people raised voice against this cruelty but nothing much happened.

Today, another trans-activist, Gul Panra shot dead in Peshawar

As per the reports, the poor transgender had been shot 6 times and succumbed to injuries before reaching the hospital. According to the information, Gul, along with another transgender, Chahat was coming back from the function. When a ruthless armed man opened fire on Gul Panra. He shot her 6 times and the poor soul died at the spot while the other transgender Chahat fell critically injured. Chahat is currently admitted to Khyber Teaching Hospital.

When this news hit the Twittersphere of Pakistan, the outrage from the social media users was massive and vehement.

I wonder who these people are who don’t think a second time before killing a poor soul? As Muslims, we are forbidden to kill or torture an animal for pleasure, and they don’t fear GOD while slaughtering a human being. Today I’ve lost my faith in humanity.

We would like to ask the authorities if they have any humanity left, then give justice to the soul who doesn’t have anyone in Police, Judiciary, or Government. Listen to their plea and try to ease their suffering before their silent prayers reached to the sky – and verily ALLAH is the best Judge.

Maya SH

Maya SH

Blogging with passion

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