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Trump Declares India as a ‘Filthy’ Country – Sets India on Fire

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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who is The Filthiest of All – As the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi has begun his second term, he is making constant efforts to grow better bilateral relations with the supreme states to strengthen the 4 legs of his big chair. And this becomes more requisite after the ugly skirmishes with China on the border, where China has displayed its ascendancy over India.

Under the concerns of China’s growing influence in South Asia and its thriving relations with Pakistan, PM Modi’s effort to keep the US on its side touched the apex. He started dreaming of destroying China and isolating Pakistan in the world while holding President Trump’s hand. The PM Modi often seems to boast regarding his new Mitr Donald Trump, as if the US took the whole sole responsibility of India and Modi’s nugatory decisions, forgetting that the US needs a strong and real ally, not another helpless dependent state who failed to even coop up with its national issues, and President Trump has made it clear today.

India Is a Filthy Country – President Trump

The final debate 2020 between the two United States Presidential nominees Joe Biden and Donald Trump did not bring any good news for India. In his last speech before the Elections, President Trump declared India as a ‘Filthy’ state. Trump stated “Look at India, how filthy it is. I walked out of the Paris Accord as we had to take out trillions of dollars and we were treated very unfairly” Here, basically he was referring to the poor and dirty climatic situation of India

Soon, after slipping beans, President Trump has realized that it is his Presidential Election speech and he should not say anything like that so he blamed climate change for India’s filthy air.

Remark Sets India On Fire

However, the impression has been made, the trust has been broken. The statement by Modi’s Mitr and India’s alleged Godfather has disappointed a large group (including Modi maybe, but he chose to opt silence on this stance). Many Indians have found this statement appalling and called out Trump for his insensitive remarks on this platform.

Anyways, Indian dreams of Isolating Pakistan via the US must have been shattered by now as the Mitr showed despise for India and Indians, despite the Trump-Modi displayed bonhomie.

Though I agree with it as not only its air is filthy, which can be referred to as the poor climatic conditions in India, but the intentions of the Indian Government towards its neighboring states are also filthy. Last days, India pulled out nasty propaganda of Civil war in Sindh to give an impression of the worst law and order situation in Pakistan, before the FATF meeting. However, Karma is always served hot and in the right place. Hope the Modi Government would walk out of its Utopia after this statement otherwise, another epoch of humility is waiting ahead.  

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Maya SH

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