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Turkey Released A Song In Solidarity With Kashmir

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Benim adim Kesmir: On 11 June 2020, the world experienced for the first time that how Turkey can step up its game and play its role as a loyal brethren Islamic State for Kashmir. “Kashmir Is my Name, is a song composed by Turkish lyricist from Istanbul, Turgay Evren, and dedicated to the oppressed and tyrannized land of Kashmir. A renowned American Jazz singer, Della Miles gave its beautiful and melodious voice to this song and made it unforgettable,

Miles, who has worked with many internationally acclaimed artists like Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston and also a recent converter to Islam, was the perfect choice and voice for this song. Anyone who have watched the video of this track can connect with the feeling Miles was experiencing. The shadow of pain on her face during recording this song was truly speaking her feelings out.

This Song Was Released On the Completion of 10 Months Of Lock down In Kashmir

10 months, it has been 10 long months since Kashmir is suffering from the inhumane and brutal curfew by the Indian Government. A heaven on earth which has turned into a blazing hell by the fanatic extremist Modi and his minions. This is all happening just to execute their lethal plan based on their organization RSS (Hindutva) ideology, which is to strengthen the Hindu Community and removing the Minorities especially Muslims from the face of Hindustan, to make it AKHAND BHARAT again.

Their Hindutva ideology is similar to the old notorious organization Ku Klux Klan, who used to kill Blacks and people of other races to establish White Supremacy, or Nazis who racial-killed thousand and millions of Jews in the Holocaust because they considered them as an “inferior” race, and now the same genocide is going to take place in Kashmir.

Once A Piece Of Heaven Is Now Becoming The Graveyard Of The Living Beings: 

Over hundreds of people have been killed, homes have been destroyed, mosques, shops, schools are closed, and life…. is nowhere to be found.

It has been 10 months that Kashmiris hasn’t breathed in the fresh air, or watch the sun being rose. They are captivated in their own houses, on their own land under the enforcement of the barbaric Indian army who doesn’t even need any excuse to execute helpless Kashmiris.

Young boys are being abducted from the house at night and parents are getting the distorted dead bodies in the morning, women are being kidnapped and raped and old aged citizens are dying due to the lack of medical care and medicines. If someone tries to raise its voice against this barbarism, they immediately mark them under the list of MILITANTS and kill them in an unfortunate ENCOUNTER. Burhan Wani, Zakir Musa, and Riyaaz Naikoo are some examples of their bestiality. They say that these are the militants who are trying to sabotaging the peace in the valley of Kashmir. LOL peace…This is called The Silence of Death.

Have you ever imagined under what circumstances a young 35-year-old math teacher like Riyaaz Naikoo held a gun instead of a pen in his hands? Or why two young boys like Burhan Wani and Zakir chose the path where the only thing was certain; Death? So many questions went unanswered, so many screams left unheard.

Someone said that “The world suffers a lot, not because of the Violence of Bad People, but because of the Silence of Good People” and Kashmiris has become the echo sound of this quote.

There is no voice coming from the international forums, the highest courts of justice have turned a blind eye to the issue of Kashmir, even the most powerful Muslim Countries FORGOT to protest against the game of persecution and bloodshed which is being played by some ferocious predators since 304 days consecutively.

Turkey, was the 2nd Muslim country in the World after Pakistan to raise Voice against Indian barbarity and condemned it blatantly:

Pakistan and all the nation was deeply saddened and outraged by the news of commandeering of the Indian Forces in Kashmir. Pakistan raised voice on every platform and asked the international society to come forward and help those helpless souls who sleep every night keeping the hope of some miracle will happen someday. But to our disappointment, no country has taken much interest in the cause of Kashmir except for one – Turkey.

Turkey is one of the most heavily Muslim countries in Asia or more specifically in the world. In recent times, it appeared to be the country of most courageous and loyal peoples ever. Under the presidency of the leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey has always raised its voice against any oppression imposed on Muslims or Muslim countries.

As we all know, Pakistan and Turkey have strong friendly relations since 1954 when Pakistan and Turkey signed the treaty of friendship and cooperation and since then both countries are sharing strong ties. They now supports each other on all the International Platform as well. Turkey strongly supports Pakistan in its stance on the Kashmir issue. Turkish President Erdogan says that the issue of Kashmir is as important to Ankara as it is to Islamabad

So today, this is not only a song, but a scream of billions and millions of Muslims mourning against the endless torture and protesting for the rights of Kashmir. It’s a brave and honored step of Turkey to show solidarity with Kashmir and also a wakeup call for the hypocrite nation who is raising its voice and condemning against the brutal killing of a pregnant elephant but praising the killing of innocent humans in the valley of Kashmir by their nasty armed forces. Wake up before you held accountable for the blood of millions of innocent lives.


“Which story can I tell…?

Which pain here can I sell…?

Every day of mine is the same,

For my share is only shame,

Kashmir, Is My Name

Massacre again and again,

“Kashmir, Death Is My Fame”

Torture, endless torture,

“Kashmir, Is My Name”

Massacre, again and again,

“Kashmir, Death Is My Fame”

Torture, Endless Torture

Which poem can I write?

Which tears can I describe?

Suffering here is my sight,

For dignity, is my fight,

“Kashmir, Is My Name”

Massacre, again and again,

“Kashmir, Death Is My Fame”

Torture, endless torture…..


Maya SH

Blogging with passion

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